3 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Health

Advances in technology have revolutionized the health of Americans over the past decade. Better diet tracking, digital personal trainers, and health monitors all work to make improving your health easier and more affordable. As more people turn to technology for health, the tech industry responds and continues to make products that improve their customers’ lifestyles. Here are three ways technology is improving the health of Americans and making us more active.

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1. Smart Thermometer Technology Tracks Humidity

Instead of just tracking temperature levels within your home, today’s modern thermometers also track humidity. Humidity is the moisture in the air, and high levels can make breathing hard. Even worse, high humidity levels are ideal for growing mold, which can make people sick and cause headaches and breathing problems.

To prevent mold growth, more homeowners are investing in dehumidifiers along with their smart thermometers to control the humidity levels in their homes. Instead of the homeowner having to set humidity levels themselves — and adjust them throughout the year — modern technology can auto-set the ideal humidity within a home for maximum comfort.

Humidity control has a variety of other health benefits, including improved sleep and better breathing, which means this seemingly small change in technology can dramatically boost overall health.

2. Food Journaling is Significantly Easier

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Before the advent of food journaling apps, few people had any idea how many calories were in a tomato or what kind of nutrition their home-cooked meals offered. However, today’s calorie apps allow people to create recipes, identify substitutions for healthier options, and save their preferences for easy recording later.

These apps take the searching and recording out of food journaling. Before smartphones, people had to record calories from the Internet or a food book and manually add them together. These paper journals didn’t track exercise or steps, so dieters only saw what they consumed, not what they lost. Not only was this method unreliable, but it also was discouraging. Today’s tech apps encourage people to get healthier by making dieting a positive experience.

3. Step Trackers Make People Move

While some experts have questioned whether the step counting devices actually improve cardio health, they’re definitely encouraging people to get up and move around more. In a world where sitting is the new smoking, any opportunity to boost health through movement is an opportunity to improve heart health and burn fat. These small devices remind people to get up and stay healthy every day.

Today’s step counters don’t just track movements, they learn users’ lifestyles and adjust their recommendations accordingly. For example, they might suggest a step increase for people who already walk a lot or might recommend adding an additional challenge like taking the stairs. These devices turn simple step counters into pocket personal trainers.

Whatever your health goals are, there’s likely an app for it. Some apps remind people to drink more water while others create intense personal training plans to help people lose weight. A few small steps toward health can dramatically improve your lifestyle, and if technology makes it easier to change, then you’re likely to be better off for it.

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