4 Ingenious Methods to Keep Your Phone From Overheating

Have you ever been using your smartphone and noticed it was getting really hot? Well, just like computers, your phone can overheat, too. Letting your phone get too hot is a bad thing for both the battery and the phone, so here are four ingenious methods to keep your phone from overheating.

How to keep your smartphone cool and avoid overheating

Don’t Run Multiple Applications at Once

The harder your smartphone has to work, the hotter it gets. So, when you have multiple applications open at once, you’re using a lot of RAM and heating up your cellphone faster. You should also consider not using animated backgrounds because they need constant RAM and contribute to your phone getting too hot.

You can prevent your phone from getting too hot by only allowing one application to run at once. There are several applications you can install that will close an application when you are not using it. This is a great way to ensure you aren’t running multiple applications at once.

How to avoid overheating while using multitasking

Turn Off Connections When Not in Use

Whether you like it or not, your smartphone constantly searches for internet connections unless you turn this function off. And just like with applications, RAM is being used when your phone is searching for these connections, and this causes it to heat up. If you think about it, there’s really no reason to have your WiFi or 4G turned on unless you want to use it. So, turn off the connections when you don’t plan to use them and you’ll help prevent your phone from overheating.

Turn off Wireless connections when not in use

Don’t Use Bulky Protective Cases

You might like the way your phone looks with a protective case on, but it might be heating up your phone. Protective cases make it harder for the heat to escape, especially the bulky ones that are made out of leather. You can prevent your phone from overheating by not using a protective case or choosing one that allows your phone to breathe. Additionally, when you store your cellphone in your pocket it’s hard for the heat to escape, and your body temperature doesn’t help the matter either.

Do not use bulky protective cases to avoid overheating your phone

Take Care of Your Battery

Batteries tend to get hot faster when they are old. So, you can prevent your phone from overheating by replacing the battery. Smartphones need new batteries every six months to a year for optimal life. It’s pretty easy and inexpensive to buy a new battery for a Windows phone 8 smartphone, or any other phone — just order one online or from your mobile phone service provider.

Batteries also heat up when they are being charged. You can prevent your phone from getting too hot by buying a battery charger so you can charge the battery without it being inside your phone. This is also nice because you can charge spare batteries when they are not in use.

Maintain your Phone Battery and charging cycles to avoid overheating

All of the things mentioned here to keep your phone from overheating will help your phone last longer. Can you think of any other ingenious ways to keep your phone from overheating?


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  1. Tips 4 Today

    Nov 02. 2012

    I’ve some videos from blendtec they’ve heated different brands of phone. I think it’s three phones and the microsoft phones won. Looking from that video I think when it comes to overheating I can bet on that microsoft phones.

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  2. TechCrates

    Nov 02. 2012

    Thanks for great tips! Saw these benchmarks. Overheating is really an issue for some devices especially in hot temperature areas on the globe

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  3. Jin

    Nov 05. 2012

    overheating is an issue of electronic devices on performance

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  4. David

    Jun 22. 2015

    I am now on my third phone in a year in the super hot and humid south central China… this was before I figured out I was murdering them by keeping them in my pocket while jumping around teaching kindergarden kids.

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