A Review of Smart Cover

As one of the most innovative companies currently occupying the tech space, Apple has released a number of accessories that pair perfectly with its consumer electronics offerings. The Smart Cover serves as a revolutionary piece of technology that complements the inherent benefits of the iPad.

smart cover reviewed features magnetic technology

A protective case unlike any other, the Smart Cover was a revolutionary iPad accessory that greatly improved the functionality of the technology without deterring from the gorgeous design of the product. While initially appealing, the Smart Cover has several benefits and disadvantages that buyers must take into account before purchasing the product.

As a Stand

Bold. Sleek. Innovative. These are all words to describe the feel and look of the Smart Cover. A solid piece of material composed of magnetic and felt-plastic element, the cover is foldable into a number of positions that serve as a stand for the iPad. It can be placed into a position suitable for typing as well as placed upright for video chat and non-productive activities. Perfect for flat surfaces, the cover fails to adequately function as a stand on non-flat surfaces, which limits its versatility.

one of the features of apple's ipad smart cover stand feature

Multifunctional without Bulk

Since the cover is designed with thinness in mind, it adds very little weight and thickness to the actual iPad. One of the benefits of the piece is that it attaches magnetically to the side, which makes removal of the cover easy. Furthermore, the function of the Smart Cover does not require the use of bulky cases as in other products, and thus compromise the intrinsic beauty of the iPad. The materials themselves feel luxurious and do not give off any hint of cheapness as experienced with other manufacturers. Underneath the bright colors of the cover, a soft felt polyurethane material is featured, which also serves to clean the screen when not in use.

mulfifunctional purpose smar cover technology

Attractive but not Tough

Although somewhat expensive, the Smart Cover is one of the best covers if damage protection is not an issue. During regular use, the aluminum body of the iPad does much to protect it from everyday scuffs and scratches. However, if one is planning on heavily using the iPad or in conditions where it is impossible to keep it in pristine condition, then the Smart Cover will do little to protect the actual body from damage. Essentially, the Smart Cover is useful if the only environment it will be exposed to is an office or a home, as the cover only functions as an effective stand while on a flat surface. For rougher environments, a number of case options exist that are both protective and have the same ‘instant on’ feature for which the Smart Cover is famous.

While the Smart Cover is a bold step in design and perfectly complements the sleek elements of the iPad, it fails as an effective protective device for extended real-world use. It’s unable to protect anything more than the screen. For its limited intended use, however, the Smart Cover performs admirably; its design dramatically improves the functionality of the technology. Best of all, the Smart Cover does not deter from the aesthetic appeal of the iPad, and adheres to the design philosophy of the brand.

Tyler Craig is a freelance writer focusing primarily on gadgets and gadget accessories. Readers who enjoyed this review may want to take a look at the kensington ipad cases with keyboard from kensington.com.

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  1. Erica Irk

    Jun 25. 2013

    oh thats very interesting and nice, i liked the post.

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  2. Hannah

    Oct 13. 2013

    I love the functionality of iPad cases like these but the design is a bit boring. I also agree that it doesn’t seem tough!! That’s why I made my own. 😛

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