5 Great Apps That Help You to Find Your Lost iPhone

Earlier it was very tough to get a lost iPhones but from now if will never happen again due to the invention of different apps to get it back. Enlisted below are the 5 Great Apps That Help You TO Find Your Lost iPhone:

Apps to find my iPhone and lost Apple devices

Find My IPhone

This wonderful app, Find My iPhone, permits you to use another IOS device to localize your lost iPhone on a map, defend your sequestered data, show a message, play a sound at full volume for few minutes even if your missing iPhone was fixed to silent mode, and slightly lock your phone. As far as this wonderful app, Find My iPhone is activated on your iPhone and your cell is having internet access, this amazing app will make you be capable of finding your lost iPhone’s present location. This app provides the user a protection in case of lost iPhone.


GadgetTrak app is another amazing app for iPhones. This app proliferate the probabilities of getting your lost or stolen iPhone back by creating location information, by sending an unobtrusive message to your device, and by shouting a photograph of the burglar with the built-in camera. It has restriction on deleting this app so the thief can be able to delete this amazing app from your iPhone which provides more chances of recovery of your device. The price of this app is 3.99 us dollars.

Device Locator

Device Locator has also chances to the recovery of your iPhone as this app makes you able to locate the position of your lost iPhone. By this app an alarm will rung on your lost or misplaced iPhone and after an alarm it will take a picture of the user distantly and a message will send with sound which makes you to find your iPhone. The price of this app is 3.99 U.S. dollars. There are no periodic or annual charges involved.


iHound aids in locating and keeping your iPhone protected with distant locking system, distant data removing, location chasing and warning alerts playing. This app not only provides you the ability to get your stolen or lost iPhone back but it also protect your data and personals. This amazing invention is a free transfer app but iPhone users are compulsory to subscribe this app for at least 3 months duration which has a cost price of 3.99 U.S dollar.

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a spy of your incoming and outgoing calls and sms, emails etc. as it makes you able to observer your iPhone in actual time on condition that  it generate reports of incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, GPS localities, contact list, e-mails, website URLs, photos and videos. This amazing app is 99.97 U.S dollars per annum. By this app you can get your iPhone location as the call record provides you more chances to get your iPhone back.

All of the above 5 Great apps that help you to find your lost iPhone are available on iPhone app store.

How to find your lost iPhone using these apps to locate your iPhone

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  1. Rashmi Sinha

    Mar 07. 2013

    LOST iPhone!!!!
    Disaster of epic proportion.
    Thanks to these fascinating applications, we can find our most beloved device.

    I appreciate your effort for letting the world know about these fantastic apps.

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