tech trends in Information Technology for U.S. businesses in 2014

Avoid Hiring Fake Professionals by Doing a License Search

If you plan on hiring a professional, confirming credentials and license details have become a very important necessity. Not only is this a great way to confirm that you hire a true professional with the requirements needed, but it also means that you won’t have ... Continue Reading →
Review of responsibilities of a social media consultant

The Responsibilities of a Social Media Consultant

Social media has become a growing online trend and almost every business – online or not – is establishing a social media presence for their business. Consequently, there are many social media consultants that can help your business improve and maximize their ... Continue Reading →
Are transparent smarphones the future?

Transparent Smartphones – Our New Reality?

Transparent phones are no longer reserved for Hollywood blockbusters like Iron Man 2 and Minority Report, they are fast becoming a reality. There have been many attempts by various manufacturers, including the Xperia Pureness from Sony Ericsson; none of them came ... Continue Reading →
Review for Facebook's Growing list of global affiliate programs

Facebook’s Growing List of Worldwide Affiliates

Facebook has recently implemented a few revisions to their policy with regards to the way they handle your data, and this came into effect after the network’s users submitted a vote. Probably the biggest change is that Facebook is now entitled to share your information ... Continue Reading →