Tech Entrepreneur are setting out to shake up the World

Tech Entrepreneur are setting out to shake up the World of Brick and Mortar

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs are seeking to revolutionize the brick and mortar industry. Sadly, in today’s advanced tech world, the property technology segment hasn’t received a lot of praise. Throughout the year 2014, investors from around the world put a colossal ... Continue Reading →

Document-management systems: What are the top picks for businesses?

No matter what type of business you are running, you’re likely to end up with a huge stack of documents on your desk and an even bigger pile of scattered files on your computers at some point. Sure, you may not have a lot of paperwork to deal with in the beginning, ... Continue Reading →
switch between computer with kvm switch

How to Switch Between Computers and Mini KVM Switch

Many people who work from home or have multiple computers throughout their house have come to realize that just how much a boost in productivity a KVM switch provides. People can operate dual monitors from the same keyboard or access the data and programs in older ... Continue Reading →
Internet Networking monitor per computer

Monitor Network Usage per Computer

Having access to unlimited bandwidth is something every internet user wishes, but unfortunately this is not always the case for many of us. And, at the end of the day we just have to make do with caps or restrictions placed on our bandwidth usage. Okay so if a ... Continue Reading →
Monitor computer activity with Wamon

How to Use Wamon to Monitor Computer Activity

Wamon is short for Windows Activity Monitor. This program can provide a long list of benefits. This exceptional program makes it possible for users to see all of the online activity on their computer. You can see the online activity and view which programs are ... Continue Reading →
Employee activity monitoring - Is it possible by my employer?

Can My Employer Monitor Employee Activity?

A lot of people are curious about whether or not their employer has the right to record them while they are working. Employees seem to think that employers are violating their rights if employers monitor them. Guess again. Employers can monitor their employees ... Continue Reading →
iOS iPhone 5 Game HomeFly review

iOS developers have come up with a new game: HomeFly

HomeFLY is a game that follows a unique and charming protagonist — a housefly. That’s right, this game hero might be small and winged, but he’s filled with energy and ready to play. Casual and more avid players will be entertained for hours, collecting ... Continue Reading →
mobile gaming iPhone 5 game center

Use Game Center for iPhone 5 to Play Games

Game Center is a connective platform for gamers that allow them to play with friends and family who have an Apple phone or gaming device. Specifically, Game Center is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Game Center specifically works on iPhone 4, iPhone ... Continue Reading →
Who did iPad Mini change the world of mobile gaming

What is the iPad Mini’s Impact on Gaming?

Anytime Apple comes to the playground, everyone wants to play. The iPad Mini is no exception in the world of gaming. Although it’s not set up with retina display, the 7.9-inch screen and 1,024 X 768-pixel display in a compact size will draw people in. It’s ... Continue Reading →
Worldwide Travel apps review

Enhance your Travel Experience with These Apps

Travelling is not always easy. If you have planned a trip, even a short getaway, you know that there are so many different questions to be answered and details to be defined that it can become almost overwhelming. Technology, though, has made this process more ... Continue Reading →
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