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What is Augmented Reality and How Can it Be Incorporated into Business?

Augmented is a word that means to add to something or to improve something by adding to it. Augmented reality is a concept that means to take what really is and make it better. This is usually applied to a technological solution, like an app for a smartphone or ... Continue Reading →
hybrid green bus for efficient gasoline consumption per kilometer review

Technology & The Move Towards Green Mass Transportation

For years, environmentally friendly commuters have relied on public transportation to get to their destinations, and they’ve urged others to do the same. Exhaust emissions from cars include carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and particulates, ... Continue Reading →
new technology innovations availavble in cars 2013/2014

Not Just Leather Seats: Car Upgrades in the 21st Century

Changes to your reaction time and vision make driving difficult in your golden years. But the senior driver is not the only one having problems. Teen drivers also struggle to learn safe driving skills when adverse situations arise. Even experienced drivers find ... Continue Reading →
agriculture in the United States is major part of food industry with new technology innovations 2014

Technology’s Impact on Farming in New Climates

With agriculture still such an important part of the United States economy, it’s vital for the farming industry to keep up with the inevitable climate changes that are occurring and will continue to occur in this country and throughout the world. Food Technology This ... Continue Reading →
digital payment with google wallet

What is Google Wallet?

Google rolled out a new way to send or receive payments quickly and securely with Google Wallet. Google Wallet acts as a virtual debit card that can be used for online purchases or purchases from certain stores. Google Wallet can also help you send money electronically. ... Continue Reading →
cell phone history is the history of telephony and technology

Mobile Evolution: The Basic Science of Cell Phones

The basic technology for cellular or mobile phones was developed after World War II in the late 1940s. The first cell phone call, however, was not made until 1973 when Martin Cooper, working at Motorola, became the “father of the cellphone” when he ... Continue Reading →
Grand Theft Auto III – a decade of open world outrage

Retro Game Check: The Legacy of GTA III

For many gamers, the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series started with Grand Theft Auto 3. Yes, it is the third game in a series, but it throws out a lot of what was done in the first two Grand Theft Auto games and starts almost from scratch. The first two GTA games were ... Continue Reading →
Slice of Rapberry Pi Breakout board and electronic

Raspberry Pi – Tiny Open Hardware Development

The Raspberry Pi is a sleek new single-board computer that gives users a fun and easy way to learn about the inner workings of computers and how to write computer code. And as it has gained popularity, it has been joined by a host of new accessories that add to ... Continue Reading →
smart cover reviewed features magnetic technology

A Review of Smart Cover

As one of the most innovative companies currently occupying the tech space, Apple has released a number of accessories that pair perfectly with its consumer electronics offerings. The Smart Cover serves as a revolutionary piece of technology that complements the ... Continue Reading →
taxi and policy car in the fith element

Are Flying Cars Just Around the Corner?

Flying cars are one of the many promises that science-fiction has made that the general public just seems to adore. The idea of flying cars captures the imagination of many and has appeared in many scientific movies, books and television shows. Flying cars may ... Continue Reading →
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