BlackBerry Z10: A Good Treat For BB Loyalists

Tired of your BlackBerry Bold or Curve? The qwerty phone from BlackBerry has become a thing of the past. But there is good news for BlackBerry loyalists! BlackBerry recently launched BlackBerry Z10, which is ideal for business users. This is great news for those who seem to be stuck in the old models of BlackBerry. With Z10, you are just a few steps behind iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3.

Review smartphone Blackberry Z10 mobile phone

Sleek Design

Z10 is a solid phone, which might be considered similar to the BlackBerry Playbook tablet. It has a bright 4.2-inch screen with thin edges. The unit has 2GB RAM, 1.5GHz processor and 16GB storage. It has an 8-megapixel camera, which is better than the older models of BlackBerry. One can also directly connect this to an HDTV or projector through the micro-HDMI port. With this, you can use your Z10 during presentations if there is something wrong with your projector at the office.

This unit’s operating system is definitely fun to use, but is still not enough to be comparable to those of Android or iPhone. It could be quite confusing to use at first since there is no assigned button. The design intends to work through swiping. You have to swipe to the right to see the apps and swipe to the left to check messages. To see the settings, you need to swipe upward. Newbies might feel intimidated at first, but you would feel comfortable once you have learned how it works.

Z10 does not have a physical keyboard, and it works through a touchscreen keyword. This unit promises accurate and fast typing since the screen is highly responsive and the keys have enough space in between. Its touch screen is as good as the iPhone’s.

Great Features for Business Users

As mentioned above, Z10 fits business users—which BlackBerry has long been known to attract. Through the BlackBerry Hub, you can be more efficient and organized on the things you need to accomplish that are business-related. You can use both your personal and work email in your BlackBerry Z10, too.

Z10 is able to separate personal from business apps through the BlackBerry Balance. Both data and apps are secured through the 256-bit encryption. This could be a bit complicated at first, but this would ensure the security of your BlackBerry. This aspect is what makes BlackBerry Z10 superior to its counterparts in the market.

Selection of Apps

One of the issues that users might have to face with Z10 is the selection of apps. Some of the apps you need for business-related concerns include Dropbox, Box, and Docs to Go. Unfortunately, there is no Skype app. You will find relief with the BlackBerry messaging app though. This would allow you to do voice chats with your employees or colleagues whenever you are out of the office and you cannot access your business phone system provided by RingCentral or any other provider.  You would not have problems with the web browser as it is incredibly fast. You can always monitor your business even from afar through your Z10 Smartphone.

Say goodbye to the traditional BlackBerry models, and say hi to this modern and sleek Z10. BlackBerry fans do not have to feel insecure with iPhone anymore since they can always choose to use Z10 for personal or business purposes.

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BlackBerry Z10: A Good Treat For BB Loyalists, 9.3 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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3 Responses to “BlackBerry Z10: A Good Treat For BB Loyalists”

  1. Grace

    Nov 22. 2013

    I have looked at both (I have the Z10 and previously had an iPhone) and I find Z10 is cooler. The screen is bigger and the device feels comfortable in my hand. I really love it. I should buy another one for my dad 🙂 Thanks for the information above.

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  2. Roshan

    Jul 15. 2014

    hii Kelly Meie

    Actuly in indian market Z10 is not as successfull as Z3.though it have more good features than Z3. But what matters in indian market is price than other things. Thanx for sharing with us.

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  3. Omolola

    Jan 27. 2015

    Very nice, really likes it but hope the battery will be a lasting one?

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