Is Infographic Video the Next Level of Marketing?

The face of marketing continues to expand with the ever changing world. You no longer can simply put an ad on television or a billboard. While those methods do work, the more popular methods arising are quickly taking over older methods. When a company wants results from their marketing campaigns, they have to take on the new marketing techniques. These techniques can help your profit margins grow and increase your companies bottom line.

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There are a few marketing ideas that you should highly consider if you have not already. These options take advertisements to a whole new level and are raising the bar even higher. Companies are seeing growth in profits and their customer base. Here are a few ways you can help distinguish yourself from other brands and make your company stand out.


You may not have ever heard of this but it’s high time you do. An infographic is a chart or diagram used to represent information. For example, a beautifully colored brochure or chart to show why you are the best of the best is a great way to get your word out to customers. Most companies now hire marketing companies to create a breathtaking and eye catching infographic. It’s important that you know they should give information that is easy for your customers to understand. You don’t want your customer confused or looking for the point of your brochure. Make it stand out and easily understandable. It really does help.

Explainer Videos

This is another area that many people are seeing immense growth and results. These can help your Google rank go up and also help people understand your concept in a few short minutes. More and more people are using these videos as a way to perfectly pitch their business. These are short videos that introduce your company in a short and fun way. You can create a story of your company and have it to tell your customers how you got where you are today. Use these to share on social media and draw more people to your site. Statistics show that 70% of people on the internet are watching videos. You need to get into that audience by having a video on your site and social media pages.

Combining The Two

When you share your data and information in video form you are combining the best of both worlds. The infographic video helps to get your information across while engaging more of your audience and customer base. You can easily show your customers what you want to get across in an attractive and exciting way. These videos are absolutely the next level of marketing and you should get in before the trend takes off. Make sure to keep your company on the up and up level of marketing and have these videos on your site.

You want to engage your customers and potential clients in ways that they are already interested in. Do not try to reinvent the wheel. Videos are where it is at and you need to have quality information about your business out there. Draw more people to your website with an informative and interesting explainer video. By taking the time to invest in a great company that can make these for you, you will see return on that investment in no time. Your reach will go farther than it does now and you can expect to see your bottom line grow. Do not get left behind in the new marketing strategies. Stay on top of them and share creative and fun videos about your company. You will be amazed at the growth and excitement it stirs up about your company, brand and services you have to offer.

Keeping up with marketing strategies is key if you want your business to grow. Be sure to check out Infographic World for all your needs in getting your marketing strategies up to date.

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2 Responses to “Is Infographic Video the Next Level of Marketing?”

  1. August

    Jan 24. 2014

    No surprise at all. I think that using videos is one sure way to get your message heard.

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  2. Mediafast

    Mar 04. 2014

    Infographics are great. Video infographics seem to be the next level of advertising. I’m excited to see how this evolves.

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