How Much Does An App Like Uber Cost

How Much Does An App Like Uber Cost?

Uber as we all know is a multinational company which is app driven that have put a strong foundation and hold for the travel services that are platform based. The arrival of Uber has changed the way how people travel daily and how the travel companies put in to ... Continue Reading →

Promotional Products & Business Growth

Growing and sustaining a business can be difficult as there usually is a lot of competitive action in your niche. It can be difficult to stand out especially from a branding point of view and especially at the startup stage of a business. Incorporating the use ... Continue Reading →

The Bane of Multitasking: Five Reasons Why You Should Stop Doing It

“Most of the time multitasking is an illusion. You think you are multitasking, but in reality, you are actually wasting time switching from one task to another.” -Bosco Tjan In today’s modern world wherein individuals are mostly perpetually busy, it can ... Continue Reading →
Handwriting vs. Typing

Handwriting Vs. Typing

In 2017, computers dominate our lives and the art of handwriting has been given a place on the bench. While of course, computers are a great addition to our lives, we can’t just forget about the benefits of handwriting, it is simply too important. It turns out ... Continue Reading →
tech job satisfaction

Top Tech Employers & Job Satisfaction

Many millennial graduates dream of jobs in the tech industry, in revered companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple. This is because we hear about the great pay, perks and prospects that the top tech businesses offer employees. But just how satisfied are the ... Continue Reading →
using technology for writing

Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Writing Skills

Most of us have a desire to be a part of the list of reputed writers. We all want to become the Shakespeare and Sylvia Plath of the coming era. This is why we keep on brushing up our writing skills. Much to your happiness, technology also plays a vital role in ... Continue Reading →
whiteboard animation video

5 Disastrous mistakes that can ruin your whiteboard animation video

Abstract: We have made a list of the top 5 whiteboard animation mistakes below, that you must avoid if you want to successfully launch a new product or a new business. The whiteboard video animation is the new trend in the market, used for promoting your product ... Continue Reading →
business by smartphone

How your Salespeople could Better Use a Smartphone

We live in a world filled with pocket-sized computers – smartphones – sitting in almost every pocket. They are among the most craved gadgets of our generation thanks to their incredible entertainment capabilities. But smartphones are good for more than ... Continue Reading →
business by smartphone

7 Tips to Grow your Business through Smart Phone

All business owners are not born to be entrepreneurs. They never plan on operating a business and they also do not have any experience in growing a business successfully. Remember that your prospects and your customers are making use of smartphones. You can always ... Continue Reading →
Social Media Marketing Strategy

Tips for a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Business

Businesses spend a significant amount of money on marketing and promotions because there is no point producing or retailing goods if nobody is aware of its existence. The sole purpose of marketing is to tell as many people about your business and the goods or services ... Continue Reading →
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