Cloud Services Compared in 2017

Cloud storage is a superb facility which allows computer users to store important files away from their device’s hard drive. This not only frees up disk space but also allows people to access files from anywhere with Internet connectivity and gives multiple users the provision to amend files remotely and transparently. There is no shortage of companies providing cloud services, but for many, deciding which to use can be a tough decision, as it might not be easy to decipher the main benefits and drawbacks of each.

The good news is that ERS IT Solutions have done all that work for you in this infographic which compares between six well-known cloud providers. Among the key determinants are the capacity of storage offered, the price of using the service, the maximum file size that can be uploaded, the devices with which they are compatible and, crucially, the ease of usage. For less tech-savvy computer users, software which is easy to navigate and grasp is very attractive, which is quite a feather in the caps of Dropbox and Google Drive. Apple’s iCloud, on the other hand, is notorious for being incredibly difficult to figure out and is best avoided for cloud novices.

For business users, Box is a good solution as it incorporates the easy provision of feedback from all users of a file, notifies all relevant users whenever a file has been updated and is known for being highly secure. It isn’t suited to people using cloud for personal reasons, though, due to its relative complexity versus the likes of Dropbox.

Find out what each of these cloud providers can offer below and you’ll soon be able to determine which solution is the best for you.

Cloud storage is a superb facility which allows computer users to store important files away from their device’s hard drive

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  1. brainaudio

    Sep 27. 2017

    Cloud Services help us store our files in safe way. When you reset a laptop or computer, people usually use Cloud Services for backup.

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