Norton antivirus report on worldwide computer virus damages

What Damage Can Computer Viruses actually Cause to the Average Computer User?

Today, many of us take online security seriously, but there was once a time when our attitude to staying safe on the web was a little more lax. Over a decade ago, when many people were still getting to grips with the internet, a handful of enterprising cybercriminals ... Continue Reading →
overview for work-based usage of personal mobile devices in business environments

The Rising Popularity of BYOD

As smartphones, tablets and other portable devices continue to grow in popularity, more and more people are choosing to use their personal devices to access their work network for email or other work-based files. In a recent survey, 65% of employees admitted that ... Continue Reading →
mobile computer evolve further and desktop pcs are descreasing rapidly

Laptop Market Research Report For The Consumer

Worldwide as per recent trends in sales and market analysis reports from sources like Gartner, the inference has been that PC and laptop sales slowly have been facing a decline, as a result of the demand shifting towards tablets. Although in an overall financial ... Continue Reading →
windows has a network application layer that manages different wireless profiles with Windows 7 and Win 8 Wlan guide

Window 8: Changing the Priority of Wireless Networks

In windows 8, the user can’t directly prioritize between different wireless networks or between wireless network and a lane connection. It is because the windows 8, lacks any direst wireless profile manager. This wireless profile manager is present in the windows ... Continue Reading →
Cydia App on jailbroken iPhone 5

7 Jailbreak Apps Which Are Obsolete with iOS 7

Apple announced iOS 7 at its WWDC spring event that was conducted earlier this year but at that time OS was still in Beta stage. Apple announced its next generation flagship device iPhone 5S on September 10th event. Furthermore, the company announced another low-budget ... Continue Reading →
when you buy a laptop, ultrabook or netbook you need to know which device is best for your needs

Netbooks vs. Laptops: Which is Right for You?

Whether you have a netbook or a laptop or even both you may have decided it’s time to make a decision and just stick by one of the two types of computer. Which is the best option? Understanding the difference between the two is the best place to start when making ... Continue Reading →
Slice of Rapberry Pi Breakout board and electronic

Raspberry Pi – Tiny Open Hardware Development

The Raspberry Pi is a sleek new single-board computer that gives users a fun and easy way to learn about the inner workings of computers and how to write computer code. And as it has gained popularity, it has been joined by a host of new accessories that add to ... Continue Reading →
How to design a successful YouTube Channel

Guide: How to Setup a proper YouTube Channel

Everyday we see new stuff showing up on YouTube channel. Some videos are really good spread like a viral while some fail to impress the audience and there is also another category where people have really done the great job but videos don’t spread i.e. they didn’t ... Continue Reading →
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