Managed File Transfer MFT

Can Managed File Transfer Meet Demands Pertaining To Your Organization?

Almost every company today has to deal with the increasing array of industry and legislative requirements, largely surrounding data protection. Every legislative directive mandates strict document protection requirements for particular kinds of information within ... Continue Reading →
3d printing future in 2015

What’s In Store For 3D Computing

With the new year underway, it’s only natural to wonder not only what new innovations are in store for us, but which technologies introduced over the last year or so will really take off and come into the mainstream. If the 2015 International Consumer Electronics ... Continue Reading →
chromebook review comparison

Can’t Get A Chromebook? Here Are 5 Other Choices

So you’re working on getting everyone their Christmas presents, and you notice that your special someone wants a Chromebook. As it turns out, it seems that everyone and their grandmother wants a Chromebook (they ARE ideal for grandmothers, you know!) and ... Continue Reading →
chromebook mac decision

Chromebook vs. Mac: Who Wins?

As if there aren’t enough devices out there for mobile computing, what with laptops, iPads, tablets, and smart phones, there’s another innovation that’s making waves, and that’s the Chromebook. To put it simply, a Chromebook is a stripped-down ... Continue Reading →
computer mainframe dinosaur

Is The Mainframe Dead?

Sometimes people get so caught up with the latest and greatest in technology that they immediately begin writing the obituaries for the older technology, declaring it obsolete and heading out the door. In some cases it’s the truth. Cars replaced horses, cel ... Continue Reading →
backup disaster recovery plan

Have You Tested Your Backup Lately?

If you have a fire extinguisher at home or on the job, you no doubt get it inspected regularly to make sure it’s properly charged. If you have an emergency generator, it’s common practice to give it an occasional trial run to make sure that you can ... Continue Reading →
lotus notes e-mail to outlook

Overview about Email Client and Role of NSF to PST Converter

Although, both the email clients offer users with exceptional features but Outlook takes the lead as it proves to be an economic email client and organizations always rely upon the resources that saves them money and time. So, if an organization decides to completely ... Continue Reading →
internet browser speed

Top 7 browsers for Massive downloads

Let’s face it – most browsers today are the same. They have tabs, account synchronization, usually available for several platforms and generally look similar. Performance is another issue. Some cope with HTML5 better than others and some will open your ... Continue Reading →
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