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4 Technology Solutions That Could Improve Your Health

As technology improves, so do the options for staying fit and healthy. Many people think that new technology is just for entertainment – but that simply isn’t the case. The reality is, hospitals and healthcare providers spend millions each year making ... Continue Reading →
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Spy Gadgets in Films and TV Series That are Real Now

When I was younger, Harriet the Spy was one of my favourite films. For my birthday I got a special edition copy with invisible markers – I wrote a lot of secret messages that summer. I love spy films and TV series about espionage and international adventure – ... Continue Reading →
How to Unlock At&t iPhone 5S for International Carriers?

How to Unlock At&t iPhone 5S for International Carriers?

Are you going to fly away from US and don’t want to incur the high roaming charges from AT&T? If the answer is yes and you have a locked iPhone 5S, you need to apply for unlocking of your apple device. So how do you complete the unlocking process? Here are ... Continue Reading →
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Top 5 Music Gadgets to Keep Your Eye On in 2014

Music’s great, isn’t it? All those sounds, sequenced as to form a tune? Truly wonderful stuff. What’s even better though, is the gadgets we use to digest those tunes, which get more and more impressive each year that goes by. 2013 was a bumper crop for outstanding ... Continue Reading →
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Quick Tech Gadgets for the Xmas Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, maybe about a week and a few days. You’re staring at your list, unsure what to get your friends and family. Half of the things on their wishlist, you’ve never heard of and you’re starting to run out of time and options. ... Continue Reading →
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Tech Savvy Health Options for Seniors

As we grow older, things change. Once we reach a certain age, body parts do not function as they used to and we tend to begin to have major health issues. It is very important for senior citizens to take care of their health and be aware of the constant changes ... Continue Reading →
Tech gifts for this christmas season in 2013

5 Perfect Desk Gadgets for Secret Santa

Erasable Memo Pad with 4 USB Ports This functional Desk gadget would be one of the more useful secret santa gifts, great for preventing desk clutter. This pad allows you to write notes to yourself with a stylus, preventing the need for endless sticky notes and ... Continue Reading →
This years most wanted xmas tech gadgets

What Will Be This Year’s Number One Tech Choice This Christmas?

It’s a prediction every tech pundit wants to make, but few, if any, have ever guessed right. Yes, it’s that time of the year again, where we hazard our very best, most highly educated guesses at what might take the top spot as this year’s number one tech ... Continue Reading →
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