chromebook review comparison

Can’t Get A Chromebook? Here Are 5 Other Choices

So you’re working on getting everyone their Christmas presents, and you notice that your special someone wants a Chromebook. As it turns out, it seems that everyone and their grandmother wants a Chromebook (they ARE ideal for grandmothers, you know!) and ... Continue Reading →
Lumia 730 phone review

Here’s what the Nokia Lumia 730 cameras can do

The Lumia series has come a long way since its inception, and one department where Nokia has always focused to give it an edge over Android-powered smartphones is the camera section. The new Lumia installment, Lumia 730 Dual SIM is following the momentum and specially ... Continue Reading →
How Digital Signage Is A Must-Have Solution For All Leading Businesses

How Digital Signage Is A Must-Have Solution For All Leading Businesses

About ten years ago, I worked in the sign-making business. We produced custom and hand-painted signage for a variety of businesses at a relatively high price, and we were always guaranteed to have work because the businesses we produced this content for would always ... Continue Reading →
free iphone apps

Free Apps for iPhone

If you have spent all your money in buying the new iPhone for yourself, we have bought a list of free Apps for iPhone that would let you make the most of your prized procession without making a dent in your wallet at all. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: ... Continue Reading →
mind blowing gadgets

Top 5 Weird But Real Gadgets That Can Blow Your Mind

When it comes to gadgets, wearable, curved, and smart are ruling the roost. But if you are looking for something that stole all the glances for being weird and unusual, you are looking for something like – iPhone Tasers and 3D food printers. There are more such ... Continue Reading →
technology gadgets for sunny days

6 Tech Gadgets For Sunny Days

Ah, summer time! A time for hot weather, hammocks, cold beer, barbecues, and lots of outdoor activities! What could possibly make summer better? Oh, perhaps maybe some awesome technological gadgets? Yes, those things most associated with indoor activity, things ... Continue Reading →
Apple Creates Huge Ripples with iPad Air

Apple Creates Huge Ripples with iPad Air

Lot of changes has occurred this year concerning Apple which has come up with its latest tablets iPad Air. This makes it difficult for majority of Apple fans to take a decision regarding the product to be purchased. iPad Air is slimmer and sleek whereas iPad Mini ... Continue Reading →
health technology gadgets

4 Technology Solutions That Could Improve Your Health

As technology improves, so do the options for staying fit and healthy. Many people think that new technology is just for entertainment – but that simply isn’t the case. The reality is, hospitals and healthcare providers spend millions each year making ... Continue Reading →
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