Men, gadgets, and construction go together like pizza, beer

6 Construction Gadgets For Guys

Ever since the days of the caveman, there has been a strong connection between guys, construction, and tools. Nowadays, the only thing that has really changed is the complexity of the tools themselves, although it’s possible that wireless reception is also ... Continue Reading →
Pico Genie

Top 3 Mobile Phone Gadgets

For those who love having the latest and greatest items on the market, there are new phone gadgets coming out on a daily basis. Whether you own an iPhone, the Samsung 6S, or any other phone, these are a few of the top gadgets to look out for, which could truly ... Continue Reading →
Why Mobile Testing Means More Value

Why Mobile Testing Means More Value

Producing high quality, reliable mobile apps that rely on ever-evolving technology, all while surrounded by stiff competition, is a core problem for app developers. Without mobile app testing, even the newest iPhone can suffer from fragmentation and operating issues. ... Continue Reading →
iPhone 6 best smartphone

Choose The Best Smartphone Among The preeminent Smartphones

A few years ago, mobile phones were just a simple communication device for talk and text. Today, Smartphones had changed the way we use the mobile phone to communicate and emails, VOiP and messaging systems. Businesses and personal lives took a massive upgrade ... Continue Reading →
Smart clothing

Best Wearable Tech For The Gym

As the flexible electronics industry continues to evolve thanks to innovations from companies like FlexEnable, wearables are slowly becoming integrated into our daily routines. But one particular aspect of our lives has been dominated by wearables for some time. ... Continue Reading →
The BC/AD Eras of Photography and the Past

The BC/AD Eras of Photography and the Past

Cameras used to be expensive. The ones that found their way into the hands of most consumers were also pretty bad. Those of us old enough to have grown up in that era have the record of lame consumer photography technologies, in the form of hundreds of photos pasted ... Continue Reading →
marvel future tech

Netmarble Games has released MARVEL Future Fight

Besides my favorite Android game WWE IMMORTALS, another marvel game has come to Android devices, and also to iOS. MARVEL Future Fight is a game in which Netmarble Games has developed. This game allows players to select their team whether it’s superheroes ... Continue Reading →
How to make your Android phones even better

Four Tips to make your Android phones even better

After the launch of Google Android, smartphones based on the same software even though started very casually and slowly as low budget and low consumption phones. However, eventually the market and the friendliness of the software in terms of its customizable features ... Continue Reading →
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