Four Common iOS 11 Update Problems and Solutions

Four Common iOS 11 Update Problems & Solutions

The amazing iOS 11 has been released in September, which fixed with plenty of excellent new features and improvements, including peer-to-peer Apple pay, revamped Control Center, Do Not Disturb Driving mode, etc. However, every iOS update comes with new problems ... Continue Reading →
Wearable Technology aspects

Wearables – Benefits and Challenges

The world of technology is full of trends but not all trends come and go. Some persist for a long period of time and one such trend now a day is Wearables. Without going into the technicalities eh simple definition of Wearable is any functional technical device ... Continue Reading →
Gaming motherboard MSI Z270 Pro Carbon

Best Gaming Motherboard in 2017

While a motherboard isn’t likely to have a direct effect on your gaming, it does play an enormous role in your gaming PC. Therefore, you should consider allotting a good portion of your spending budget towards your motherboard. Not a normal Motherboard though, ... Continue Reading →
bookshelf speakers 2017

The Best Bookshelf Speakers of 2017 for the Audiophile in You

Bookshelf Speakers are a revelation of sorts ever since speaker sizes started going down from the obnoxious models of the nineties. What makes them an easy choice for the modern audiophile is not just their storage convenience, but also the fact that the reduced ... Continue Reading →
iOS11 advanced features

iOS 11 Bringing Major Advancements to your iPad and iPhone

Top standout features coming up with iOS 11 include siri improvements, new app store, control center changes, and more other stuff. Apple officials have recently announced the latest mobile operating system known as iOS 11. You will get a chance to explore its ... Continue Reading →
5 Cons of Smart Watches And How You Can Workaround It

5 Cons of Smart Watches And How You Can Workaround It

Smart watches are very useful and they can be assistive in various task of our everyday life. Task like health management or networking with the device are two basic and most assistive functions that every smart watch with offer you. With the help of Bluetooth ... Continue Reading →
amazon echo

Which Home Hub is Right for Your Smart Home?

Today, homes are being transformed from the inside out. Modern technology has created amazing high-tech products that make daily life easier and more manageable. And when that resonates at home, you are looking at something truly revolutionary. One example of this ... Continue Reading →
Quality Headphones Under $100

Quality Headphones Under $100

When it comes to picking out the best headphones all depends from a particular person to another one and subsequently you can easliy point out that there are two main facts you can easily look at – the total price and the quality. It’s really a bit ... Continue Reading →
Solar Powered Inflatable Light

9 Tech Gadgets Every Modern Traveler Must Have

When it comes to travel, it’s always better to be prepared. If you are a modern traveler it’s always better to have the right gadgets with you. Besides your smartphone, we have come up with a list of 9 best travel gadgets that you should consider carry-on ... Continue Reading →
Griffin Connected Toaster

10 Gadgets that are Useful for Everyday Life

Apparently every day, you wish for an easier life then today. From making a cup of coffee to doing laundry, we seek help with such mundane tasks that we do regularly. The latest technology seems to provide us help in almost every sector of life. The latest smart ... Continue Reading →
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