Best Gaming Motherboard in 2017

While a motherboard isn’t likely to have a direct effect on your gaming, it does play an enormous role in your gaming PC. Therefore, you should consider allotting a good portion of your spending budget towards your motherboard. Not a normal Motherboard though, but a Gaming Motherboard!

In this post, I will talk about the best gaming motherboard in 2017.

I’ve reviewed multiple motherboards and for this post, I will be reviewing three. So, whether you’re searching for a cheap gaming motherboard or a high-end overclocking motherboard, you will have a motherboard choice for you personally on this list!

Best Gaming Motherboard in 2017 List

Below is the list of Best Gaming Motherboards that I’ll be reviewing in this article!

  • Asus H110M-A/M.2
  • Gigabyte Aorus Z270 Gaming K5
  • MSI Z270 Pro Carbon

Okay, now without wasting time, let’s get this going!

Best Gaming Motherboard in 2017 Review

Asus H110M-A/M.2

Gaming motherboard Asus H110M-AM.2

The Asus H110M-A/M.2 is from the prior generation because it utilizes the H110 chipset for Skylake which is quite old. To use your brand-new KabyLake Processor chip with this product, you will have to update its BIOS to the latest version to allow compatibility.

You will probably find it strange that we have included this motherboard among models with newer chipsets, but looking at its price and taking into consideration the reliability and quality Asus brings to the table, it is hard to ignore this cheap option that has some serious power and potential!

The H110M-A/M. 2 appears like a barebones model, however the cash you save can be used to get a much better GPU or a great Water cooling system, which can make your gaming rig SOLID!

Get Asus H110M-A/M.2 from here!

Gigabyte Aorus Z270 Gaming K5

Gaming motherboard Gigabyte Aorus Z270 Gaming K5

The Gigabyte Aorus Z270 Gaming K5 is another fantastic entry for the midrange segment because of its plethora of features and aesthetics. This motherboard includes three x16 and x1 PCIe design providing plenty of juice for your multiple GPU set up plus PCIe add-ons such as for example sound cards.

This option is a little more expensive compared to the other inclusions in this post, however the additional cash you pay is worth the few features that K5 has up its sleeve. Up first, this motherboard has two M.2 slot machines and three SATA Express connectors for your storage space, but it also carries a U.2 slot for long term proofing. This model’s mix of storage features makes it one of quickest in read/write speeds in this line up, if you have a huge amount of data to access, this is an excellent board to get.

Finally, if you’d prefer your rig’s appearance to be the best, the Gigabyte Aorus Z270 Gaming K5 is among the best-looking motherboards you may get for its price. The product includes massive matte-dark heatsinks and shielding with angular designs, and also a plethora of RGB LEDs on the CPU socket, PCIe ports, and actually on your own DDR4 slots.

Get Gigabyte Aorus Z270 Gaming K5 from here!

MSI Z270 Pro Carbon

Gaming motherboard MSI Z270 Pro Carbon

Another excellent and worth buying option may be the MSI Z270 Pro Carbon which ditches the normal red/dark theme for a stealthy all-dark carbon fiber appearance. But RGB followers shouldn’t fret since MSI’s LED Mystic Light continues to be in play regardless of the affordable price tag.

The MSI Z270 Pro Carbon builds on the success of its Z170 predecessor however the company switched up a couple of things to boost its utility. This model doesn’t have its old USB slots but has even more USB 3.1 ports, doubled M.2 slot machines, and a boosted sound processor from Realtek.

Finally, why this motherboard is special, apart from its features, is its capability to overclock your unlocked KabyLake processor to 5Ghz easily. Actually overclocking your DDR4 RAM past 3000Mhz is definitely a breeze because of the user-friendly but effective BIOS. This element makes the MSI Z270 Pro Carbon even more appealing to gaming enthusiasts with a good budget.

Get MSI Z270 Pro Carbon from here!

Conclusion – Best Gaming Motherboard in 2017

All of the above Motherboards are good enough for you to buy if you are a gaming enthusiast and don’t want any lag in your gaming experience. These Motherboards can Overclock your Processor as well as RAM in just a single click!

If you own an i7 6700k Processor, you might want to check this post to find the best Gaming Motherboard for your i7 6700k Processor!

At last, getting a Motherboard depends on you and you should probably get the one that suits your budget and can provide you the best and lag free experience!

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  1. brainaudio

    Aug 23. 2017

    Really impressed with ASUS this year. Their range of products and its quality are improving.

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  2. EtherealGaming

    Oct 05. 2017

    I feel like you can never go wrong with Asus. I have a MSI motherboard and its not bad but has a few things that could be better.

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  3. Choiceinspire

    Nov 11. 2017

    Nice Blog!! Thanks for sharing the great list of gaming motherboard. It’s very informative post.

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