Pocket Drone – GPS Mini Camera Drone

Available in the United States for now only, this mini drone is equipped with GPS and a mini action camera on board. The drone comes very handy in pocket sized smaller than an iPad mini table when it is faulted for easy transportation and mobility and has some awesome features on board as well as flying capabilities.

mini action camera drone gadget tech crates review 2014

GPS Navigation with Google Maps

The flying drone is capable of GPS navigation based on Google Maps map service and can navigate to any defined GPS location coordinates that is technically reachable from your current starting location.

Using the integrated action camera, the pocket drone can follow its users’ movement around an area. This patrol mode is quite an awesome feature if you think about it! This is the next step to flying drones and playing with them from an educational technical perspective.

Software API for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and phone apps will be available

Remote Control and iOS Software Integration

The remote control includes common navigation commands for the pocket drone to fly and navigate through the air. Software for OS X, Windows and Linux should provide API interfaces for external applications to communicate with the drone. This gives software developers and hardware geeks new options to experiment with the drone gadget GoPro.

Also an Android app is in planning providing access for the drone to the wide world of Android. A route of navigation points (GPS locations) can be supplied by software to navigate the drone on a route or patrol around an area.

The pocket drone gadget is a nice next generation technology gadget for young and older kids including our Tech Crates admin team :) GoPro pocket drone is available in U.S. kickstarter crowed funding portal for American customers only. If this drone takes off as expected with these capabilities for everybody, then it will be available soon to other regions worldwide.

Drone Fly-Out in June 2014

Available for $500, a buyer will get this tiny pocket drone with GPS, camera and Google map navigation included around June 2014 of this year. The drone requires a license to fly in the United States as well before getting flight permission for other countries.

one of 3 helicopter wings of pocker drone tech crates review

We will get feedback from U.S. Beta testers as soon as this drone gadget will fly out to the first American users :) Let us know here in the comments what your opinion is about flying drones as gadgets or even public services? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Shoaib

    Jan 21. 2014

    WOW its really very amazing technology with cheapest price 500$. i think that this tech should be sell in 1000$. but i want to know that when it will available in all major country.
    Excellent Sharing

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  2. TechCrates

    Jan 21. 2014

    Technology is amazing :) Thanks for commenting Shoaib

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  3. run

    Apr 03. 2014

    The Pocket Drones are revolutionary machines in the area of remote controlled aircrafts. They have been developed with latest technology and features that existed never before in such aircraft.

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