Smartphone Benefits: Where Can You Use Your Phone?

Do you remember the time when your mobile phone was only used to make calls? Bringing work with you was only possible with the use of laptops. Today, the recent decade brought about many changes in technology. You now see people on the go armed with the latest gadgets such as tablets and smartphones. In the past, if you wanted to listen to mp3 files, watch the latest posts in YouTube, watch a multimedia presentation or simply organize your day, you would have to rely on different gadgets to have these done. Today, all of these tasks can easily be handled by a portable smartphone or a tablet. Technology and mobile devices are fully integrated in our social culture today. Here are a number of instances where a smartphone can be of benefit to you.

use of handy smartphones

Organizing Your Schedule

Busy people have a lot of things crammed in their schedules. It can be a very tedious task to joggle work and personal life at the same time. Sometimes, the problem with having too many activities in a given day is that people tend to forget important meetings that are crucial to their work or their business. In order to prevent this from happening, you can plan ahead of time. A smartphone has a calendar and a note taker where you can take note of important meetings and events so that you never miss an important occasion.

Organizing Events

A smartphone’s memory is almost insurmountable when it comes to storing phone numbers. This can be very helpful when you are organizing an event. You can just designate numbers in a group and this would make it easier for you whom to invite in specific events. Since this can be used to connect to social networking sites, you also have easy access to the events organized by other people online. Instead of sending out snail mail invitations, you can now just send out electronic invitations with the use of your smartphone or post the date and venue of the event in a social networking site.

Use It at the Office

Instead of bringing your laptop with you all the time, your smartphone can be connected to a projector or another computer so that you can share your files with your colleagues during business presentations. If you are a spectator, a smartphone has a recording feature that will allow you to save the meeting so that you can just replay this for review. A smartphone will also allow you the use of VoIP service like the one offered by RingCentral. VoIP is a better way to communicate for business especially if transactions are done through online or on an international level.

When Looking for Inspiration

One of the main benefits of having a smartphone is that you can easily be connected to the Internet. The World Wide Web offers a multitude of information from business, psychology, arts, history, entertainment and so much more. Are you planning to write a book but inspiration does not seem to move you at the moment? Why not open your browser through your smartphone and look for images that may strike you instead of spending your time in a mindless state? Or maybe read the news or browse articles since these too are great sources of inspiration.

Bring it When Travelling

Are you on your way on a business trip? Are you planning to get away from your hectic schedule you simply needed the break to visit a beautiful country such as Thailand? Getting lost in another country is one of the most dreadful things that could happen to a traveller. You may be stuck in a foreign land where they do not speak a familiar language. Instead of relying on maps, you can use your smartphone to pinpoint your exact location. This will help you explore the nooks and crannies of the locality without the worry of not being able to find your way back into your hotel room.

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Kelly Meier is a professional writer. She is the primary breadwinner of her family at her young age. Her interest lies in reading books and all other interesting stuff about new trends in technology.

3 Responses to “Smartphone Benefits: Where Can You Use Your Phone?”

  1. Akshat

    Aug 26. 2013

    You forgot to mention the GPS. Very helpful in finding directions when you are going out of your city.

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  2. ahmed

    Aug 27. 2013

    nice article,well written,smartphone is the future of the cell phone technology and this field open new doors of technology such as apps,smartphone with operating system or build in window and much more.You miss to discuss android apps and android os and facility of wifi.through smartphones your pc is now in your pocket.Thanks for sharing.

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  3. jrivera

    Jan 17. 2014

    Thank you Kelly for proving that smartphones are not just for mindless entertainment. I tell the younger kids at my school where I work that your smartphones in an incredibly powerful tool. I definitely use my calendar, alarm, and weather. I have even used certain specific apps to to advance myself in life.

    P.S I see you have the picture of the Ubuntu app in your images. Awesome.

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