5 Tips to Build Successful Call-to-Action Buttons for a Business

The survey conducted by Go-Globe a few years back on the web design architecture among Fortune 500 companies stated that only 47% of websites include a transparent and effective call-to-action button that only takes 3 seconds or less to encourage users to take action in the favor of the website’s owners.

Websites and landing pages could make a huge difference if the useful call-to-action (CTA) buttons have been added to them. With these buttons, it becomes clear for the visitors to understand the major objective of the page and react accordingly. You as a website owner can ask them anything to do – like making a product purchase, trying your product in a free trial period or signing up for your newsletter.

The style of your website can decide which CTA buttons will work for your business. However, one thing is seen common in almost all CTA buttons i.e. encouraging your visitors to click and complete a conversion on your desired page.

Although lots of information available on the internet to show you the right path, keeping your eyes glue to the points given below could help create more conversations than you have expected ever.

How to build successful business

1. Your Action to Your Visitors Should Be Defined Clearly

All your efforts will go in vain if it’s not clear for your visitors what action you want them to take on the page you have created. Is there a requirement to fill out a form? Do you want to encourage them to download a document or file? Or maybe you have a plan to ask them to make a purchase for a particular product or service?

Providing your users with a free trial option could prove to be a successful trick towards the product or business promotion.

2. Do Your Research Properly Before Crafting Your CTA Button Sample

You are the one who knows the objective of your business more than anyone does. So, take the responsibility in your hand and decide what kind of action button you want to add to your page for your visitors. Doing proper research over writing an impactful CTA button copy will surely help to deliver the outcomes that would boost its click-through rate. You can also take the services of a professional to get the job done in a way you always wanted.

3. Don’t Forget to Show Your Visitors a Sense of Urgency

There are many companies which have actually increased the conversations by more than 300% creating a sense of urgency and scarcity. Several smart companies have also used both in their copy to deliver the magical results. Lots of powerful and effective drivers of action are available on the market. As you know that the hectic schedule of today’s people encourages them to ask for the instant options to get their various needs fulfilled, thus it would surely work positively if you add a sense of urgency to your CTA button message. Some words that show the sense of urgency include: Instantly, Immediately, Now and Today.

4. Legibility Always Matters

The font type and size of the text of CTA button would be large enough that your visitors can read them easily. Balancing always matters. Creating a very large text on your CTA button makes it look obnoxious or intimidating.

5. A Bright and Large Sized CTA Button Can Do Magic

Mostly visitors don’t have enough time to stay on your website for long, so there are a few initial seconds when he or she takes a decision to take action. The size and type of your CTA button should be as bright and clear as it could attract the eyes of your visitors. The more visible it would be to your visitors, the better possibilities would be of reaping the max possible benefits while increasing the conversion to your desired page.

A combination of insights from testing and creativity is always required to design a clickable CTA button. All the best for creating the successful CTA buttons!


Author Bio:

Shruti Mahour is a creative and professional blogger at leading SEO company Link Building Corp. I have almost 5 years of experience in digital marketing industry and know the trendy strategies that helpful in boosting business across the world.

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