How to use Social Media to attract more visitors

Social media is the best means of interaction with other people where everyone is allowed to share their ideas, knowledge, thoughts etc. It includes various interactive broadcasts like blogs, podcast, networking sites, communities etc. These days social media is one of the leading factor in attracting large number of visitors. It not only helps to get more and more traffic but also in promotion of products.

Internet Social Media

Why social media?

For running a successful enterprise, one needs to go where his customers are. And what can be the better place than social media. It is a worldwide, large market place for everyone as people are constantly congregating at various social media websites like Facebook, twitter, my space etc.

Social media in contrast with SEO

Unlike SEO, social media offers more versatility to keep your users engaged and alluring. There is a tough competition among various sites for gaining more and more traffic. Audience have become more intelligent and demanding so they always want new, interesting and worthwhile information in return for their attention.  So the main aim is to earn loyalty and trust of customers. Social media is like a two way street. People will come to you only when they will get something informative and valuable from you.

The intricacy of social media lies in the fact that what seems to be a great idea today may turn out to be a drastic mistake but that is what social media is all about and how it goes on!

However there are certain points following which one can make best use of social media to attract more and more visitors.

  • Content creation- the most important thing is to focus on content creation. Good content markets itself. If your content will be unique and informative then it will automatically bring large traffic to your site.
  • Add sharing buttons to your site- never forget to add SHARE button to your posts, links or site. Since it will be easily shared and available to all thus help you to get lot of traffic as your content will get into circulation.
  • Answer the query- always try to answer all the queries that you come across and you think you can answer well. As it not only make your good image but also it will help you to win trust and appreciation from others and most probably they will follow your further posts.
  • Blogging- blogs are the most easy and best way to reach people. You can add links from other trusted sites or even can have links from other sites.
  • Create helpful podcast- create and add interesting and informative digital media including graphics, episodic series of audio or video not only attracts users but also make the content more user friendly.
  • Revise old post and update- always revise old posts and keep them updating on regular intervals. Fresh content is preferred the most.
  • Expand your reach- do not limit yourself to the so called “Facebook or Twitter”. Expand your reach and try various other social networking sites like google+, MySpace etc.

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  1. Rashmi Sinha

    Mar 16. 2013

    Wonderful and enlightening piece of information!!!

    Social media in recent times has emerged as a potent and most effective platform to spread the word around. It will go with time, no doubt about it!!!

    Thanks for this post!!!

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