How to Use Wamon to Monitor Computer Activity

Wamon is short for Windows Activity Monitor. This program can provide a long list of benefits. This exceptional program makes it possible for users to see all of the online activity on their computer. You can see the online activity and view which programs are being used on your computer. This program can be useful for parents who wish to monitor what their children on doing on the computer. This program can also be useful to employers who wish to monitor their employees’ activities.

Monitor computer activity with Wamon

Suspicious spouses can also use this program to monitor their partner’s computer activities. The program can be used on one computer to monitor the activity of another computer. This advanced software is a must have product.

How to Install and Setup Wamon

Users can easily change the settings of this program. They can also easily install it. It provides users with the ability to set a password just as easily. The password is an important option to set. It can prevent anyone from seeing what exactly it is you are watching for. Once you have installed the program and set the settings to suit your individual needs, you will need to go to the statistics screen.

The Information that Wamon can Provide to You

You will find a lot of information on the statistics screen. You will not just see the latest activity. You will also see a complete breakdown of the activity on the computer. The longer you run the program and the information that the program tracks the more activity you will see. The activity log is full of information. You can even search for the information of a specific user. This sophisticated program is surprising user friendly and has an easy to navigate interface.

Monitor The Activity on Your Computer and Internet Connection

The Timesheet tab can provide you with information about who is using what programs and how long they are using it for. Windows processes can be added under the processes tab. Wamon can be used to monitor a variety of actions on a computer without anyone knowing that the program is even recording the data. This tool is an easy watch to see if people who are using the computer in question are lying about what they are doing while using it.

A Few Simple Clicks is All it Takes to Get Started

Just a few simple clicks while provide with a variety of information thanks to this one of a kind program. Peek in on loved ones, spouses, children, or employees. The possibilities are endless with Wamon. Wamon is truly an amazing program that makes it possible to know what your employees or family members are doing online when you are not around. This program was developed as well as managed by Archae.

Wamon: A Monitoring Device that is on Your Side

It is recommended that you inform the people around you when you install Wamon since it is a monitoring device, but most people tend to keep this information to themselves. This program will periodically monitor the usage of a computer. No information is kept safe once Wamon is on the job. Your employees will no longer be able to fib about slacking off on the job and using company time for personal internet usage. Your kids and spouse cannot like about the types of websites that they have visited. Wamon can be your eyes and ears when you are not around to supervise. Get charts and graphs that allow you to easily view information with Wamon. Highly consider getting this program for yourself. It can come in very handy.

Jason Phillips is a famous guest blogger and an enthusiast. Here he has described about how useful is the Wamon to Monitor Computer activity and to record remote desktop session.

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