How to Write Up Dissertation Like a Professional Blog Champ?

When you are assigned a dissertation writing project, you must realize that you have come to the edge of unlimited challenges and you must be ready to accept and face all of them Like a Professional Blog Champ who simply thinks about creating winning content. In fact, a dissertation provides you an opportunity to exhibit your skills, knowledge and passion in your field of study. Of course you must give your best and to do this you need to follow a professional blog champ approach.

how to write Dissertation

7 Questions to Ask Before You Start

This post is all about exploring the ways to combine different pieces of research material in a way that they become a well researched and well written dissertation that wins heart of every reader. Here are some important questions that you need to ask yourself before you start writing your dissertation:

  • Who is your audience?
  • What should be included in your dissertation?
  • How to plan different stages of dissertation development process?
  • How to organize your Ideas?
  • How to collect relevant and authentic research material?
  • How to create a timeline and follow it?
  • How to end your dissertation successfully?

Common Problems Faced by the Students

Most of the students start writing their dissertation with excellent progress but later they experience loss of passion and here they need help with dissertation from professionals so they could move on continuously without getting tired. Some of the very common issues experienced by the students are as follow:

Being Overconfident

Many students get overconfident about themselves as they think they can easily complete their dissertation within a very short period of time. This approach leads delaying of planning and in the end they don’t have much time left which makes them overburdened.

Shortcut Approach

Many students prefer to follow shortcut approach in writing their dissertation. For example, they simply collect some pieces of information, cite some of the sources, copy someone else’s conclusion and they are done. Shortcut approach is never going to work in dissertation development process.

Lack of Skills

Lack of excellent writing skills put students into great trouble as they can’t write to impress others. Ultimately, they are compelled to say others “Please write my dissertation”. This is the only solution they find.

When you know these problems exist, you try to tackle them as efficiently as possible and this is the only thing that helps you write your dissertation Like a Professional Blog Champ.

Research Like A Professional Champ

Once you know what you have to do and what problems you can face, you are ready to move on because you will try your best to mitigate the problems that you could stumble upon. After approval of the proposal, you will finally begin working on your project and then the first stage is to conduct research process. Remember that the research is what will shape your entire project and therefore, it must be effective and methodical so you don’t just waste your precious time in peeing in useless resources. Here are a few quick tips to save a lot of your time:

  • Create a Timeline: When you look for the relevant resources, you should get advice from mentors where to find the most relevant resources. Create a timeline to know how much time you have to spend in digging out the resources, reading relevant information and collecting the most useful material.
  • Look for Authentic Resources: Internet is the place full of true and false information which means you can’t true everything you find on internet. Therefore, you must look for authentic resources so you can use only the true data and references.
  • Take Your Notes: It is very important to take necessary notes or else everything will get mixed up and you will face confusion what info to choose and what not to. There are various free notes-taking tools that you can use for this purpose.

Write Like A Professional Champ

Once you have gathered relevant information, it is time to write up dissertation like a professional blog champ. This is undoubtedly the most important step as here you will actually be composing your dissertation. You might be surprised to know that many students fails in writing process as they don’t have great writing skills. Eventually, at this stage many of them prefer to get dissertation writing services. If you have come to this stage successfully, you should still be confident and make up your mind to do the next level. Here are some important tips to follow:

Create an Outline

On the basis of proposal’s basic outline, you will move to make it more detailed as your project will base on an advanced outline. Your dissertation outline may include:

  • Introduction
  • Research question
  • Literature review
  • Research method
  • Theories
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography


Make Introductory Section

In this section, you will discuss the problem and its background. You need to let the readers know the actual purpose of your studies and the basis of your research question. The intro section usually contains these parts:

  • General topic along with background
  • Topic related literature review
  • Discussion on current situation
  • Objective of research
  • Research description
  • Outline of dissertation


Write First Draft of Your Dissertation

If you are planning to write final dissertation in first attempt, you are living in a fool’s paradise because it is almost impossible to write a final paper without editing, revisions and proofreading. Rather than final, you should get the first draft done which will be completed soon if you follow basis outline and stick to timeline. The first draft will actually make things much easier for you and you will be able to create a perfect piece of dissertation followed by editing and proofreading stages.


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