How your Salespeople could Better Use a Smartphone

We live in a world filled with pocket-sized computers – smartphones – sitting in almost every pocket. They are among the most craved gadgets of our generation thanks to their incredible entertainment capabilities. But smartphones are good for more than just reading the latest online casino news and keeping up with your favorite celebrities on social networks. They have the power to help salespeople be more efficient at their jobs, too, thanks to their variety of built-in features and downloadable apps.

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Being punctual is a must for a professional salesman. Smartphones today can be of invaluable help in this aspect: they can remind users of their upcoming appointments. This in itself would not need a smartphone, you might say. But smartphones – through their built-in GPS and with the help of various apps like Google’s Waze and others – can also alert their users about the state of the traffic in their location, of traffic jams and hold-ups, and provide them with alternative routes so they won’t be stuck in traffic.

Access customer information

Many modern customer relationship management (CRM) programs have a smartphone interface today, allowing salespeople to access information – like order history and other information – remotely. Yet smartphones can be helpful in finding out other information about the prospective customer – personal details like the family status, the tastes, and other details that can make the presentation not only easier but perhaps more successful, too.

Contact lists

Smartphones store far more information about your contacts than just their phone numbers – you can build a contact list complete with their email addresses, websites or personal blogs, social media accounts, birthdays, and other information that salespeople may need to close a deal. This information can be synchronized across devices, making it available wherever and whenever you would need them.

Keeping track of expenses

Any busy salesperson will have expenses. Keeping track of expenses like meals and lodging, mileage and the likes can take up a lot of time, not to mention the fuss created by lost receipts and the likes. Smartphones can be of help in such situations, too, thanks to smartphone apps like Coupa Expenses. This app can automatically load data from credit card and travel providers, gathering all T&E information in a simple, easy to use report. It also archives the information, making it audit-ready by design. This can save the time salespeople spend gathering receipts and calculating their expenses, as well as the time finance departments spend keying in all of them into their accounting systems.

While most consider smartphones to be little more than entertainment devices, their use in a business environment is undeniable.

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