Top Ways to Increase Traffic to your Website

If you are running an online business, then the traffic plays a vital role in your business. It is because of the fact that it allows your business model to work efficiently.

It is a well known fact that the website is the online platform which makes your presence strong and noteworthy. However, without good traffic, it will be useless for your business leads. The professional website offers professional quality content, strong images, and easy navigation. No matter how good a website is, it is equally important to have customers.

Many websites have wrong metrics, contents, marketing strategies, etc. due to which there is less traffic on the website. So, the traffic plays an important role for the website. If you don’t have traffic, then there is no online identity. Website traffic is a lifeline for any online business.

In this post, we are going to explore top ways to drive traffic to your website.

how to increase traffic to your website in 2017

1. Optimization of website content

The basic thing is to optimize the website content. It is the main foundation which is going to attract the customers. Step by step guide for content optimization are as follows

Status of the current traffic– Through Google analytics, you can find the current website traffic for a week, months or a year. Observe the type of visitors, no. of page views; bounce rate, the source of traffic and average time on the website. These things matter a lot to start with further online promotions. Check the website traffic from time to time.

Content strategy- Decides the type of contents you want for the website. It is recommended to go to blogs, articles, videos, podcast etc the strategy should be based on target audience, unique content, amplification of content, the frequency of posting, keywords etc.

Unique content, with eye catching photos– The content should be unique in the sense it should be precise and to the point. The images should attract the customers and you should write blogs with unique eye-catching photos. Have title with the strong image to get more clicks on it.

Setting links to the content– Whether you are having content or image or video, try to add links to your website. For e.g. you have content “50 % off on apparel” then you can link the apparel page of your website to this content. This way, you can get more conversion along with traffic. You can also go for internal linking. You don’t need to over link the blog content. So, you should use Link to the relevant content.

Content audit– The last step to optimize content is the auditing of the content from time to time. Auditing means checking the quality of content, SEO friendly content, correct links, social media search content etc.


2. Advertise online via social media

Create the social media account– The presence of business should be on all the social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. all these accounts have billions of operating customers. Also, it is easy to reach customers via these platforms.

Fix the Schedule– you need to fix the right schedule to post on these social media platforms. Always post on peak hours.

3. Keywords usage

Yes, keywords database is another important aspect of your website. How to start with the keywords selection is an important question. First, create the target search verticals and identify the top hundred highest searched keywords. If this is tedious then you can have the Google Ad Words and Google analytics account.

The Google Ad Words is the really helpful tool to bring the traffic. Not only you can go for paid search but you can also get the report of keyword search. It is the real-time report and gives actual information. It has Google keyword planner tool.

4. Responsive website

This is very important to have the responsive website. In the digital world, people have the smart phone, laptop, Macbook etc. the website should be responsive to the entire device. It should be suitable for the big pc screen to small mobile screen.

5. Exchange the blogs with other websites

It is the best way to drive more customers to your website. This is very common now a day we see many blogs of other website products on different sites.

6. Automated emails and messages

It is not shocking, but yes automated emails and SMS do play a vital role. For e.g., you have just bought a dress from the Amazon. And you didn’t get a confirmation email or any offer or you get any message or email of 50% off on the same dress through Jabong. Yes, it makes a difference. Customer will love to buy from Jabong as it looks more professional.

7. Marketing strategy

The marketing strategy should be strong. If you want to grow your online business, you need to do marketing and advertisement. The online advertisement is different from traditional offline marketing. It includes social media, paid search, display advertising etc.

Well, there are lots of methods to increase relevant traffic to your website. Few of the above mentioned ways might not be a quick fix, but if you do them properly, you will get good results for the long term.


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