Shopping Experience

How Mobile Apps Transform Shopping Experience

India is one of the most famous IT destinations in the world. Every company tries to tap the Indian markets because of its gigantic size. A lot of electronic companies are carrying their business operations here and registering a huge annual turnover also. In a ... Continue Reading →
facebook notification

Here’s what Facebook announced today at F8

From the outset, Mark Zuckerberg said that the event was going to put less emphasis on the unveiling of new products in order to favor the support of the developer community. “Putting users in the forefront, giving them more options to connect with the family ... Continue Reading →
internet of things home security

How IoT Is Changing Home Security

Have you seen those commercials on television for a cable/Internet provider that shows some dad or mom using their mobile phone to control all of the lights and locks? In fact, one particular commercial even shows a faucet that was left running by one of the kids ... Continue Reading →
save money with the cloud

Put Your Budget In The Cloud And Save More Money

People talk about having their head in the clouds, well, how about having your money in the clouds? To be more precise, it’s putting your money in the cloud. Hey, cloud computing is a big thing today; all the cool kids are doing it! When it comes to money, ... Continue Reading →
internet router access

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Broadband?

The chances are that if you have clicked onto this article, you are not sure if you’re paying over the odds for your home broadband service. We are conscientious when it comes to shopping around for the cheapest electricity supplier but often we don’t think ... Continue Reading →
google chrome extensions

Google Chrome Extensions That Are Absolutely Indispensable

The Internet is all about choices and that includes choosing how you browse it in the first place. Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, the products keep coming at you, fast and furious, each one bringing its own features and capabilities to the table in the ... Continue Reading →
winning new clients

6 Tips for Presenting to and Winning New Clients

When you are trying to win the branding project of a new client you need to present to them. It is not good enough to send over a file by email telling them what you can do, you need to engage with them. Presenting a project to clients is about ensuring they understand ... Continue Reading →
website traffic via social media

Drive Away Traffic to your Website via Social Media

These days the concept of social media has become much more viral and the usage is not just restricted to a certain group of people. In fact, every individual these days uses the different social platforms for a number of reasons. The old, young, adults, women, ... Continue Reading →
social web design

5 Striking Web Design Trends That Are Here to Stay

Quite a few of the most prominent design trends of the past, such as mobile versions of websites and text-heavy pages, are dying a rapid death. As they go, several alternatives are popping up to replace them. While designers explore these options to find what works ... Continue Reading →
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