Here are 6 iOS 11 Tricks to Apply on Your iPads and iPhones

The public beta version of iOS 11 has gone live which consists of some fantastic features not only for the iPads but also for iPhones too. Nevertheless, we have been familiar with iOS 11’s hosts of features, but now we are going to narrate a different story. We have provided the point-wise information below and explored bigger things about iOS 11 features. Read on to know the favorite iOS 11 tips and tricks in order to master your iPads as well as iPhones. We have come to know so far that the iOS 11 Release Date may reveal too soon.

Apple iOS 11 tricks

Tip #1

The latest custom center is a different one from that of its predecessor iOS 10. Users, if you don’t like to continue with the default choices offered, you can simply customize the Control Center accordingly. Just visit the Settings, then Control Center; from there go to Customize Controls. You can add and remove items or can even rearrange their order as per the appearance.

Tip #2

If the iPhone doesn’t support 3D Touch that enables users to get additional options by the help of hard pressing icons, the new version of Apple’s OS. iOS 11 brings very much similar like that of Control Center but not to the rest of iOS. You have to long press the Control Center’s buttons and you will get 3D Touch actions. That means, long pressing the torch icon would bring up torch’s intensity settings.

Tip #3

The biggest problem with Apple’s voice-controlled devices is users don’t likely want to use their voices. At least that isn’t that folks wish to shout! From Settings visit the Siri option and enable to tap. By long pressing the Home Button you will get the keyboard. Although asking Siri will still work, you will be offered with enabled voice feedback too.

Tip #4

New Dock will enable users to the function of multitasking. For example, if you tap and drag any icon to the display’s side, it would open a narrow window so that the work becomes easier for you by just one press. Say for messaging app you can, without exiting the app you’re already using you can easily send or read messages. Even you can place apps side by side or replace an open app just by dragging a new icon over the one you want to replace.

Tip #5

Apple’s Live Photos have an uncanny ability in making the worst frame as the photo preview in iPhones. No doubt fans are as annoying as the tech gurus are! But with iOS 11, you can head forward in fixing the Live Photos by tapping on the Edit button. You would be capable of noticing a slider that can be used to walk frame by frame through the Live Photo. Replace the ones you want by tapping on the Make Key Photo in order to opt for a substitution for the crappy previews.

Tip #6

If you consider the latest iOS 11 to be too bright for you then it’d be easier to turn it into a darker by following the below-mentioned information.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Color; from there you have to turn on the Smart Invert.

Folks, that’s all for this write-up. But there are more tricks that you can apply for your iPhones and iPads. On a serious note, iOS 11 stable version is slated to get launched by the fall of 2017.

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