Best Meal Planning & Nutrition Apps

Our diets can vary so much. One week we’re eating well and having a heathy dinner after work and on other weeks we opt for something quick or a takeaway far too often. This infographic from Lakeshore Convention Centre takes you through some of the apps that can hopefully help you to maintain a healthy diet and keep fit. For example, the ‘Eat This Much’ app can recommend meals based of the diet you’re following. For example, if you’re trying to cut out carbs, this app will give you a grocery list for low carb meals.

Of course, exercise is also a part of leading a healthy lifestyle and sometimes a healthy diet alone isn’t quite enough. Why not add Fitbit to your list of apps and track how many steps you’re taking daily? It could be a good way to get you exercising a bit more. Find out more about the best apps in the infographic.

Best Meal Planning & Nutrition Apps

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  1. brainaudio

    Jul 27. 2017

    Each app listed here is unique. They are certain and focused on a particular aspect like health, fitness and other nutrition facts.

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