Medical and Healthcare Apps This Year

Anyone working in medicine know the vast amounts of information you need to know. No one is capable of knowing every detail of every condition or the side effects of every medicine. This infographic from Study Medicine Europe takes you through just some of the apps out there to give medical practitioners a helping hand. For example, Doximity can be great at assisting doctors in prescribing drugs. It gives detailed information for thousands of drugs to make sure they don’t make any mistakes.

There are also some great apps for patients. While it is of course always advised to visit a doctor for a health check, this isn’t always possible. For example, MyChart allows you to stay in touch with your physician on the app which is really fantastic. Another great app called Mango Health lets you set up reminders to drink enough water etc. The best thing to do is download a few of them to see if you find them useful. Read all about them in the infographic now!

medical apps of our time

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  1. brainaudio

    Aug 21. 2017

    Health is our wealth. So, download in one of these apps and always track your health.

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  2. Dennis

    Aug 23. 2017

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful blog. It is useful to everyone. Very interesting blog 🙂

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