5 Mistakes to Avoid when Positioning your Outdoor Security Camera

When it comes to installing surveillance camera, most of us make a lot of mistakes. If things are going good, you can always ignore the consequences of these installation mistakes. But in case of a bad situation, these errors could create huge complications for you. No one wants to make these mistakes while securing the outdoors of their home with the security camera.  So, here we will talk about these common mistakes that you need to avoid when positioning your outdoor surveillance.

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1. Hiding your camera from people

Many people hide their outdoor security cameras when installing security systems in their home. This is one of the biggest mistakes,that one should avoid making.  Concealed cameras can invite criminals to invade your home. Images that you will get from hidden cameras could be granny due to various reasons and ultimately useless for the police. Visible cameras not only capture good quality images, but it can keep burglars away as well.

2. Wrong positioning of camera

The first rule of installing a security system in your home is simple all the cameras need to cover the area that you want to monitor.  If your cameras cannot provide nonstop obstruction free monitoring to the entire area, it is of no use to install those cameras.  So, when you place it, make sure no obstruction is there neither will come in future due to any reason.  Also, it should be able to get clear pictures or footage from that area.

3. Buying low-resolution camera

These days almost all security systems for home come with high definition picture quality. However, some people prefer installing low-quality outdoor cameras to save money. Indeed, it can save some money for you, but that is not a good practice to follow. Non-high definition cameras give granny pictures, and burglars can identify such devices easily. Hence, it will do more harm than any good, and install only high-resolution imaging devices for outdoor security.

4. Not paying attention to quality

Outdoor security equipments, directly experience the harshness of nature. Other than this, mischievous people also try to damage it by various means.  While installing the cameras outside your property, make sure you choose a camera that can survive all the roughness. Several brands make an excellent quality camera for open areas. So, choose one of them for optimum result and longer life.

5. Installing without professional help

Of course, you can do the installation yourself, but it is not the best practice. This DIY approach for camera installation is neither cost effective, nor it gives better result to you.  You should always take professional help for the installation. With professional help, you could have it installed easily, cover more area with fewer devices, and get better security as well.


So, if you want to have the best outcome from your security system, it is advised not to make any of the above mentioned mistakes. By following these simple precautions, you will not only get optimum result, but also won’t have to worry about any complications and issues.

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