Top 5 Mobile Apps That Allows You To Share Files

With today’s technology, sharing files is a common occurrence. There are many ways to share files but the most common is mobile file sharing. Employees, co-workers as well as friends can easily share their files by using a mobile device. There are many applications that can be downloaded to a Smartphone or tablet that will allow the user to share files with others easily, in all aspects such as PDF, JPEG, PNG, PowerPoint, Excel and Word.  A mobile application is the easiest way to share a file but many are not sure as to which application should be used for file sharing. There are many options to choose from and below are a few examples of mobile file sharing options.

iPhone Apps to share files

Bluetooth File Transfer

One option that can be used for mobile file transfer is a Bluetooth File Transfer. This application can be downloaded on an Android device and can be used to provide browsing, exploring and managing of files. A File Transfer Profile as well as Object Push Profile so that files can be received and sent to contacts. Streaming is available as well as file viewing as long as you have this application on your device.

Wifi File Transfer

Another option for mobile file sharing is the Wifi File Transfer. This option allows for uploading and downloading of files to and from your mobile device. A wireless connection is used and you will instantly be able to upload and download files. The web interface for this application is very easy to use and no USB cable is needed. This is a simple application that can be used anywhere since you simply need a wireless connection.

X-plore File Manager

X-plore File manager is another option that can be used on a mobile device to provide file sharing. A wide range of functions can be used with this application for a file system including Cloud storage access, SQLite database explorer, and Zip seamless work, built in viewers, Hex viewer and more.

Astro File Manager

Another option for organizing files on your mobile device or in the cloud is with Astro File Manager. If you have pictures, music, documents or other files located on your mobile device, the Astro is a great option. You can access Cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box and Facebook with this application so you will no longer have to download a different application to use the different Cloud services.


Yet another option for mobile users to have access to file sharing is Yousendit. This option is a smarter way to send sync and secure share files and folders from any mobile device. A file can be sent right away as soon as you open up an account. This option can be used for business as well as personal use, whichever you choose.

Yousendit offers content to go. Simply take your files with you and have access to your files and have the ability to share the files anywhere you go. You can use any mobile device or computer with an internet connection. This application is available for many different types of mobile devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad and more.

Any of these options will work if you want to share and view files on your mobile device. Simply take a look at each option and determine which one will work best for your needs as well as device. A little research will help you determine how you can best view your files, such as pictures, documents and music, on any of the applications listed above.

You can always prefer secured softwares from sites like to share files with security.

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  1. Rashmi Sinha

    Mar 08. 2013

    Bluetooth File Transfer.still rules!!! the best thing to happen to data transfer!!! And with the advancement of technology, it is only getting better and better.

    Thanks for the post

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  2. George

    Mar 08. 2013

    Thanks For Nice Sharing News. I Like Your Article. I Think Any File To Share Easily Provide Dropbox.

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  3. deepak

    Mar 12. 2013

    must say that you are sharing a nice collection of file share apps.
    at present i am using x-plore file manager becoz it’s very easy to use.

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  4. John

    Aug 22. 2013

    This will be very helpful to me as I help other businesses promote their services and products via mobile marketing. I’ve seen in analytics that a lot more people use their mobile phone or ipad/tablets to browse the internet and even buy more than they did on their desktop or laptop.

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