Must-Have Apps For Dog Lovers

Apps help us in so many different areas of our lives. Everyone will have their favourite app that they use on a regular basis, but some may be unaware just how many useful apps there are for dogs. This infographic from GAP takes you through the best apps out there to keep your pooch happy. Training your dog is so important but it’s not an easy task so you need all the help you can get. For example, simple apps like iClicker are great at reinforcing certain behaviours as it plays sounds like squeaks and doorbells all on one conivenient app.

Finding good walks for your dog is not easy, especially if you’re new in an area. An app called MapMyDogWalk can help you here as it shows you the best walks in an areaas recommended by other users. If you find a great route yourself, be sure to add it.

There are also some very handy apps if you’re looking for a dog sitter. While many kennels are fantastic, some people (and dogs!) might prefer to be in a home. DogVacay shows you a list of sitters who will take the dog in while you’re away and send you photo updates. See the full range of dog apps in the infographic now.

Apps for dog lovers

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  1. Shila

    Oct 06. 2017

    Awesome blog. I will bookmark this page for future reference. Thank you so much for sharing.

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  2. brainaudio

    Oct 08. 2017

    Train your dogs and love them more. Use these apps to connect with them.

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