computer protection

4 Steps to Ensure Minimum Computer Protection

The computer world is getting more and more dangerous. What used to be a relatively safe world has turned into one where you will bump into threats with every action you do. Moreover, with the easy access to Internet that is now prevalent in all developed and developing ... Continue Reading →
modular data center

Data Centers 2.0: The Modular Data Center

What Are Data Centers? Data centers are facilities that store computer systems and all their support equipment. Data centers usually run the computer applications that handle the operations of an organization, from databases to backup systems. They range in size ... Continue Reading →
sony walkman nwz-w260

The Sony Walkman makes a return with the NWZ-W260

If you were a child of the eighties or nineties the following scenario may well be familiar to you. You want to go out for a walk or a run but you also want to listen to some tunes on the way. So you load up your trusty generic mobile cassette player (or Walkman ... Continue Reading →
empires and allies

Empires and Allies Review: CityVille Meets RISK

Who knew that a game about farming could lead to world domination? Although Zynga has been making online games for a while they first made a splash in the Facebook community with Farmville, one the first popular Facebook games. Since then, they’ve built a myriad ... Continue Reading →
Toshiba REGZA

Toshiba REGZA 19P2 – Battery Powered TV

Battery powered gadgets and gizmos have come along way in the past few decades. Think back to the time when your walkman took four AA batteries and ran out of power half way through forward-winding track three of an album. In fact the advancement of battery technology ... Continue Reading →
iphone features

Smart Cool Features of iPhone

Ever since its introduction, iphones have made significant inroads in the mobile market. This masterpiece from technology giant, Apple Inc. boasts of several features which are indeed user-friendly. Whatsoever, iphone is not the first smart phone or touch screen ... Continue Reading →
job hunting tips

Job Hunting Tips using an iPhone

Are you tired of job hunting the traditional way? If you are, there are other alternatives to help you land the next job without leaving the comforts of your home! Now, using your iPhone, you can find a lot of available jobs, apply for them, and if luck is on your ... Continue Reading →
paint by hand is fun

3 Fun Apps for Kids: Learning Things the Fun Way

Finding ways on how to bring out the best in your kids would be a bit difficult if they can’t find fun while learning. As a parent, you definitely want to see them having fun, but without a doubt, seeing them over spending time watching television instead of ... Continue Reading →
speed up computer

5 Little Known Ways to Speed up your Computer

Nothing is more frustrating in life than sitting around on a computer that runs too slow.  It wastes your valuable time and can quickly change anyone’s good mood to a bad one.  Below are five tips that can help speed up your computer, and ensure that your day ... Continue Reading →
internet privacy

What to Know About Internet Privacy at Work

Internet privacy is becoming a major concern for everyone using the internet to share personal data. The growth of social networking sites has lead to a major increase in the number of people posting private data online. Many users share intimate details with their ... Continue Reading →
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