Social Media Customer Service

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Customer Service

Social media provides businesses the opportunity to listen and engage with their customers on a 24/7 basis. While social media gives businesses an entirely new way to market themselves and build relationships, it can also lead to disastrous results if used incorrectly. Below ... Continue Reading →
3d printing future in 2015

What’s In Store For 3D Computing

With the new year underway, it’s only natural to wonder not only what new innovations are in store for us, but which technologies introduced over the last year or so will really take off and come into the mainstream. If the 2015 International Consumer Electronics ... Continue Reading →
apps to wirelessly share files between iPhones

Best apps to wirelessly share files between iPhones

One of the advantages of having a smartphone is that you get to share files with your friends or even colleagues without having to use your PC for this. However, as you may all know that the file sharing feature among iPhones is not as easy as that in android and ... Continue Reading →
save money with the cloud

Put Your Budget In The Cloud And Save More Money

People talk about having their head in the clouds, well, how about having your money in the clouds? To be more precise, it’s putting your money in the cloud. Hey, cloud computing is a big thing today; all the cool kids are doing it! When it comes to money, ... Continue Reading →
21st Century is all about speed, transfer of knowledge as fast as possible and efficiency in volumes. There is no time for spaces, loopholes or pauses. Every #cloud

Securing Your Social Media Marketing Budget

According to eConsultancy, three in five companies planned on spending £10,000 in their social media marketing (SMM). This can be considered as big and small budget for a marketing activity; big for small and medium enterprises and small for corporations especially ... Continue Reading →
internet router access

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Broadband?

The chances are that if you have clicked onto this article, you are not sure if you’re paying over the odds for your home broadband service. We are conscientious when it comes to shopping around for the cheapest electricity supplier but often we don’t think ... Continue Reading →
google chrome extensions

Google Chrome Extensions That Are Absolutely Indispensable

The Internet is all about choices and that includes choosing how you browse it in the first place. Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, the products keep coming at you, fast and furious, each one bringing its own features and capabilities to the table in the ... Continue Reading →
cloud computing benefits 21st century

3 Benefits of Cloud Computing in the 21st Century

21st Century is all about speed, transfer of knowledge as fast as possible and efficiency in volumes. There is no time for spaces, loopholes or pauses. Every second counts when it comes to production, productivity, selling and investing. This is why people largely ... Continue Reading →
Future of Healthcare - 12 startups

12 Startups That Are Shaping The Future of Healthcare

Today, we got the following Infographic regarding the future of healthcare, an important topic for every leading modern country in the world. The informative graphic shows valuable insights on how young startup companies can shape this new digital environment. ... Continue Reading →
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