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Can’t Get A Chromebook? Here Are 5 Other Choices

So you’re working on getting everyone their Christmas presents, and you notice that your special someone wants a Chromebook. As it turns out, it seems that everyone and their grandmother wants a Chromebook (they ARE ideal for grandmothers, you know!) and ... Continue Reading →
High-Tech Features Coming to your Commute

High-Tech Features Coming to your Commute

What will your commute look like over the next few years? While a lot of time is dedicated to discussing the technological advances in the automotive industry, public transportation has become increasingly efficient as well. Smart features including GSM network ... Continue Reading →
website traffic via social media

Drive Away Traffic to your Website via Social Media

These days the concept of social media has become much more viral and the usage is not just restricted to a certain group of people. In fact, every individual these days uses the different social platforms for a number of reasons. The old, young, adults, women, ... Continue Reading →
Lumia 730 phone review

Here’s what the Nokia Lumia 730 cameras can do

The Lumia series has come a long way since its inception, and one department where Nokia has always focused to give it an edge over Android-powered smartphones is the camera section. The new Lumia installment, Lumia 730 Dual SIM is following the momentum and specially ... Continue Reading →
mobikwik tech review

Mobikwik – One Stop Service For Your Payments

I was very much obsessed of using social networking siteslike facebook and google plus when I came across mobikwik for first time. I wasreally surprised when I went through too many lucrative offers posted in the FBcommunity. We are already using ‘MakeMyTrip’, ... Continue Reading →
online tech degree

3 Top Online Schools for an LLM Degree

Do you feel unfulfilled and stuck in your busy practice? If you want more out of life and have the desire to expand your passion for the world and create change, why not study online at your own pace and get your LL.M.? Here, we’ve listed a few excellent ... Continue Reading →
The Role of Marketing in the Modern Telemarketing

The Role of Marketing in the Modern Telemarketing

The role of telemarketing in the modern marketing: a balanced approach “inbound marketing” and “outbound marketing”. No matter what title they use, such as internal sales associated with customer specializing in telemarketing, business development ... Continue Reading →
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