apps that can save your life

10 Disaster Apps That Could Save Your Life

Apps. There are now virtually millions of apps dedicated to any and every niche imaginable. And with this recent surge in communication technology, the way we interact with each other (and the speed!) has rapidly changed. Each year, millions of apps are downloaded ... Continue Reading →
Content Management System

Best Platforms for Building an E-Store

Even though the traditional retail is alive and kicking, it is no secret that more and more of trading is taking place online every day. Because of this, opening your own e-store might be a lucrative choice of profession. Still, not all here is milk and honey and, ... Continue Reading →

7 Amazing WordPress Themes For Magazine Website

WordPress is a powerful CMS tool which can be used for blogging and developing websites. It is an open source platform available for free use. Most of the developers and business owners turn to WordPress because of its amazing features. It is an outstanding platform ... Continue Reading →
Tips to Prevent a Data Breach

Protecting Yourself From A Data Breach

In the past large retailers fell victim to some messy data breaches; these retailers included Home Depot, Staples and Kmart. Even banks, healthcare providers and Sony have suffered recent cyber-attacks. Hackers are infiltrating new security features just as quickly ... Continue Reading →
Virtual Reality

Four Reasons Why Virtual Reality Might Not Be Revolutionary

2016 is shaping to be the year of VR. With the two giant companies HTC and Oculus going head to head, they are bringing out their big guns with their latest headsets and the competition is on to see which one comes out ahead. The thing which makes people very intrigued ... Continue Reading →
web conference

4 Reasons Why Web Conferencing Will Help Your Company Grow

The rise of the internet and advances in tech have made it more than possible to create a company that employs teams located in completely different countries all across the globe. While you would have to travel to each specific location just to hold a decent meeting, ... Continue Reading →
travel smartphone

5 Gadgets to Take on Your Summer Vacation

As the weather warms, we’ve all got one thing on our minds: leaving the nine-to-five grind behind and kicking back on vacation. Whether you’re heading to the beach or enjoying some time off in the city, these great gadgets will help you make the most ... Continue Reading →
business report app

An App You’ll Need the Next Time You Write a Business Report

Yes, you read it well. It’s possible. You can forget paper piles and hours spent on finishing up your business report. All you need is this great app – PDF to Excel – and writing your reports will never be the same. The best thing is that since this ... Continue Reading →
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