Mobile Technology for Small Businesses

Best Use of Mobile Technology for Small Businesses

If you feel that mobile phone technology is mostly beneficial for home users, then you are completely mistaken. In the current scenario, you will find that even small businesses are using mobile phone technology to boost their sales. How? Let’s find out. VN:F ... Continue Reading →
tech job market

Tech Jobs Market turned Upside Down – that’s your chance!

The dreaded job hunt. Resumes, cover letters, and interviews to keep track of; hours spent waiting for a response; and, worst of all, going through the entire process and coming up with nothing. We know, finding a job can really suck. Well here’s something ... Continue Reading →
iPhone 6

iPhone 6 or HTC One M9?: Top Flight Phones Compared

The latest generation of smartphones is pushing the boundaries of what these powerful devices can do, and Apple’s iPhone 6 along with the HTC One M9 for the Android mobile OS represent two of the most advanced products on the market. Each of these premium devices ... Continue Reading →
Online Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality – What One Need To Know?

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, in May 2014, released a proposal in which he allowed companies such as Verizon, Comcast and AT&T to differentiate online and generate pay-to-play fast lanes. What has happened? Millions of people came on the road and spoke out against ... Continue Reading →
Shopping Experience

How Mobile Apps Transform Shopping Experience

India is one of the most famous IT destinations in the world. Every company tries to tap the Indian markets because of its gigantic size. A lot of electronic companies are carrying their business operations here and registering a huge annual turnover also. In a ... Continue Reading →
voip telephone

Useful VoIP Features to Help your Business Grow

VoIP phones have become a great communication tool for lots of businesses facilitating call management and improving business communication in general. Empowered with an array of useful call managing features, business VoIP systems are becoming more and more popular ... Continue Reading →
old typeface

News from the Printing Industry: What’s Cooking in 2015

It is usually counterproductive to embark on ‘predicting the future’, especially in our world that is rich in computing and internet technologies. Many would say that printing industry needs to ‘re-invent’ itself to survive and engineers and experts are ... Continue Reading →
How to make your Android phones even better

Four Tips to make your Android phones even better

After the launch of Google Android, smartphones based on the same software even though started very casually and slowly as low budget and low consumption phones. However, eventually the market and the friendliness of the software in terms of its customizable features ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5 Marries Technology With Style To Offer You The Best

Matching up to the unique and remarkable standards of Samsung products, the brand yet again delivers a masterpiece – Samsung Galaxy A5, a mobile phone that can reliably be referred to as an innovation in communication technology. Available both at retail ... Continue Reading →
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