cleanup app for your smartphone

Have a cleanup operation of your gadget to make it work fast

We all know the importance of cleaning. Cleanliness brings health. This is the reason, which is why we prefer to remain clean all the time.  We love wearing clean clothes. We keep our face clean and prefer eating clean food too. When cleanliness is this much important ... Continue Reading →
technology and IT management sales

The Sales Manager`s Guide on How to use Technology to Increase Sales

Sales reps are people persons. They love to meet new people, talk, present, and convince. They love to be on the road and they are generally charming. One thing they don`t like, though, is having to stay in front of the computer for endless hours, doing monotonous ... Continue Reading →

How to hack Wi-Fi with B1 Free Archiver

B1 File Manager v0.4.5 has introduced the possibility of SMB networks access and local Search option. However there is another unique feature about which the developers kept silence until today. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 10.0/10 (2 votes cast)VN:F ... Continue Reading →
internet communication voip telephony

Why is there an echo on my VoIP calls? How can I remove it?

If you are using a VoIP system then you might have come across the echo problem during calls, which, not to mention, is really annoying. Echo is a problem that PSTN phone systems have been struggling to stave off for long but to no avail. Echo cannot be introduced ... Continue Reading →
cloudbased voip service technology review

SIP Trunking vs. IP-PBX: The Rivalry Continues!

It is a basic prerequisite of every business organization to have an Internet connection on which they can depend blindly and a communication medium through which they can connect with their employees and clients as and when required. Integration of VoIP in the ... Continue Reading →
How the Cloud is Changing the Business World

How the Cloud is Changing the Business World

Cloud computing has been kicking around for several years now, and many business experts are calling for increased movement to the cloud for cost savings, organizational improvements, increased environmental friendliness and more. Storage, email and enterprise ... Continue Reading →
business benefits using Internet cloud computing

Cloud Computing and Small Businesses: The Benefits Explored!

Cloud computing is not a new technology. People worldwide have been depending on this technology for quite a while now. Cloud is almost a decade old and its customer base is increasing day by day. This technology offers a lot of opportunities and benefits to the ... Continue Reading →
technology review for Internet of things in home entertainment and tv

The Internet Of Things For Your Home Theater

While no one can dispute the specialness of going out to the movies and seeing some first-run blockbuster rendered in all its teeth-rattling glory on the big screen, there’s no doubt that home theater options have become more accessible and more effective ... Continue Reading →
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