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Latest 8 trends in WordPress to look for in 2015

New technology trends emerge every day. Some technology trends become so popular and important that they stay forever and change the way we work while others come and go like the breeze. 2015 has also arrived with new trends that have already created a buzz in ... Continue Reading →

Document-management systems: What are the top picks for businesses?

No matter what type of business you are running, you’re likely to end up with a huge stack of documents on your desk and an even bigger pile of scattered files on your computers at some point. Sure, you may not have a lot of paperwork to deal with in the beginning, ... Continue Reading →
SEO changes in 2015

What changes have “White Methods” of SEO undergone in 2015

The whole year was debatable about whether guest blogging is dead as a SEO tool or not. Many have said that it is. But let’s dwell upon what SEO merits did guest-posting give last year? It gave the possibility for links. Many have paid money for placing uninformative ... Continue Reading →
Android Apps for Landlords

Top 9 Android Apps for Landlords

Being a landlord can be hard work and isn’t always as smooth sailing as what people might assume. You need to think about everything from decorations and furniture, to the legal stuff – tenancy agreements, insurance, boiler repairs, electrical safety – ... Continue Reading →
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How To Promote Your Event Using Social Media

Social media has become a significant part of many people’s everyday life today. Oh, sure, there may be hold-outs, but it’s safe to say that even those people who don’t “do” social media have only one degree of separation from someone ... Continue Reading →
How to make a living as a freelance web developer

How to make a living as a freelance web developer

Are you looking for a career with a high level of flexibility and consistently growing demand? Then becoming a freelance web developer may be an idea worth exploring. Whether you’re already employed in a 9-5 capacity or a student looking at career options, freelance ... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to choose advanced cloud-based videoconferencing

In the 21st Century, businesses worldwide thrive on seamless communication among partners, colleagues and associates when needed. Gone are the days when people believed that too many cooks spoilt the broth. In this day and age, everyone contributes towards an innovative ... Continue Reading →
Optimize Your Online Business

How to Optimize Your Online Business to Drive Millions

In the present time business operators are engaging online platform for maximising their income. If you’re also looking for something that will double your income, then online resources is the right option. This is because it will not online drive more revenue ... Continue Reading →
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