How to Retrieve Your Lost Photos

How to Retrieve Your Lost Photos, Contacts & More on Your iPhone

You know how Jesus could bring people back from the dead right? Well, what when you have prematurely lost or mistakenly deleted your valued photos, contacts, messages, note or other vital content on your iPhone, iPad? How do you play healer and bring back that ... Continue Reading →
windows backup sytem

Windows Backup System in Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 & To Restore XP Backup

The process of Windows backup in computer and related files is for helping users to get a copy of the confidential and necessary documents. There are different methods using which Windows users can go ahead to safeguard their desired crucial documents. The NT family ... Continue Reading →
private to hybrid cloud

Private Cloud to Hybrid Cloud

Cloud, the promise of a new agility for Information Systems (IS) now comes in many different ways. But whether public, private or hybrid, it meets the same basic criteria: resource pooling, dynamic capacity allocation, usage billing. If the private cloud raises ... Continue Reading →
Tailgating Football Fans

Sports Apps That Make It Easier To Enjoy The Game

These days, you can’t swing a baseball bat without hitting yet another app. Apps are everywhere, and have infiltrated every aspect of our work and leisure time. Not even sports are immune to app mania, so, in the spirit of “If you can’t beat ‘em, ... Continue Reading →
How to create a viral video

Do You Want to Create a Viral Video? You had Better Plan Ahead!

It may seem easy to create a viral video: film something that people will laugh at, love, hate, and share. Then the internet takes care of the rest, right? Well, no, because then every video would go viral…but they aren’t! The viral video that you create ... Continue Reading →
How to fix Windows 8.1 black screen issue

How to Overcome the Black Screen Issue in Windows 8

The black screen issue in Windows 8 has become pretty common. Many users came across black screen in Windows 8, after installing some recent updates for Windows or its driver, and they had to go for a complete Windows reinstall, suffering from the data loss. Data ... Continue Reading →
global Business cloud

Why it’s Time Your Business Started Harnessing Benefits of the Cloud?

More and more businesses are moving quite a large percentage of their services/business processes/applications to the cloud. Some are using the public cloud, while others who are more concerned about their data security and who don’t want to lose control over ... Continue Reading →
office productivity tips

5 Ways to Make Your Office More Productive

Every boss dreams of an office filled with efficient employees working to their full potentials, pumping out quality work with nary a nanosecond wasted. This productivity lover’s paradise may come to fruition when androids take over the workplace, but, in ... Continue Reading →
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