Top 50 Apps to track Everything

Top 50 Apps to track Everything

Smartphones are becoming an increasingly huge part of our lives, and with smartphones come apps. There are apps for just about everything now, including many that allow us to track various aspects of our lives. This guide from Vouchercloud looks at the 50 best ... Continue Reading →

5 Gadgets That Will Improve Your Health

Health tech is an important aspect of life for health-conscious people. Now details about your habits and your body are available to you that you once could learn about only at the doctor’s office. How do you sift through all the gadgets to pick the best ones? ... Continue Reading →
5 must have Apps for College Kids this Year

5 must have Apps for College Kids this Year

Over the last five years, technology has taken a better place in education.  College kids are scuffling from one app to another.  Oh and the smartphones, they have given college life a new perception. It’s no longer the boring college life; it more fun. Everyone ... Continue Reading →

How dependent are we on smartphones?

Looking to get those flights booked? Need to get the bills paid? Want to catch up on what’s going on across the world? Got an hour to kill and in the mood for another episode of your favourite series? All these needs and desires can be fulfilled in a flash thanks ... Continue Reading →

Prevalent Errors AngularJS Developers Commit Frequently

AngularJS is a perfect choice to make single page applications as it makes use of client model-view-controller. It has the set of efficient components that is used to create rich internet applications. AngularJS is considered as one of the powerful tools and the ... Continue Reading →

Online Companies Turning 20 in 2017

The world of online business is often described with the word “fluid”, usually referring to the fact that there are enough outside factors that can – and will – influence the fate of an internet business to cause it to rise up or fall down ... Continue Reading →
search Outlook PST

Search Multiple Outlook PST Files at Once in Windows 10, 8, 7, XP

Unlike various Email applications Outlook stores all the information in PST (Personal Storage) file format. All the emails, calendar entries, journals, contacts, etc. are saved in this format only. However, most of the users think once how to search multiple PST ... Continue Reading →
The Financial Benefits of a work order management system

14 Ways To Organize Your Work Order Management System

We’ve all had our disorganized days at work—the days where you can’t find a crucial piece of paperwork or a file, when you’re late to an appointment or a meeting runs overly long. That’s the nature of daily life, unfortunately. But when your work days ... Continue Reading →
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