Smart TV Apps You Should Be Using

If you’ve bought a new TV recently, chances are good it’s a smart TV; by some estimates, 50 percent of all TVs purchased in 2015 will be smart TVs. What does that mean for today’s consumers? A whole new world of smart TV apps that make your new ... Continue Reading →
Cloud phone systems will someday be the standard

Make Your Cloud Phone Your #1 Weapon

In today’s world, where business competition is downright cut-throat, a smart company equips itself with the best tools that its resources can afford. That’s because not only does a small-and-medium business have to deal with a crowded field of similarly ... Continue Reading →
Cloud communications lower monthly costs

Cloud Communications: The Cost To Get Started

By now, most people out there are aware that there’s this thing called “the cloud”, which is revolutionizing computing and communications. And yes, with its convenience, massive storage space, and ease of use, the cloud is certainly an excellent ... Continue Reading →
Necessity of Being Secured While Connecting to the Internet

Necessity of Being Secured While Connecting to the Internet

Since the inception of the internet, it has been quite in demand among users because of its workability, compatibility and potential. With its increased use, it is not only making life easy and grabbing the attention of users, but also of intruders. It is a major ... Continue Reading →
iPhone 6 best smartphone

Choose The Best Smartphone Among The preeminent Smartphones

A few years ago, mobile phones were just a simple communication device for talk and text. Today, Smartphones had changed the way we use the mobile phone to communicate and emails, VOiP and messaging systems. Businesses and personal lives took a massive upgrade ... Continue Reading →
Business world

Best Countries in the World to Start a Company

Modern businessmen need to be aware of the fact that today, they live in a world that is more connected than it ever was, and in which a word open market has a completely different expanded meaning. For starters, just a century ago, your business was extremely ... Continue Reading →
Wearable Technology Will Transform Workplace

How Wearable Technology Will Transform the Workplace

Brent Blum is the Director of Wearable Technologies at Accenture. He discusses the future of IoT – The Internet of Things – in this video from Samsung and The Economist. It’s intriguing to think that his vision of what wearable tech could accomplish ... Continue Reading →
Innovative Educational Tools for Students

Innovative Educational Tools for Students

  Students are required to be innovative at whatever it is that they do. It is strongly believed that innovation can help us to change the society and make us better. Therefore, giving our students this ability helps us to create a future that we have all dreamed ... Continue Reading →
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