Protect and Monitor Your Business with a Stealth Keylogger

Protect and Monitor Your Business with a Stealth Keylogger

Managing a business is hard in itself so imagine having to deal with a big number of employees that you are unsure to be performing at optimum when you as their boss is not around and looking straight at their computers. Whether business owners and company presidents ... Continue Reading →
pc software migration

EaseUS Todo PCTrans – Your Companion to Easier PC Migration

We often think that technological improvement and our requirements are somewhat proportional when it comes to the case of computers, and that is the reason why we’re forced to upgrade computers when technical restrictions do limit productivity. Even while upgrading ... Continue Reading →
blow away apps

Business Apps And Branding

Once upon a time, businesses would conduct marketing by traditional advertising methods such as print, radio, television, and junk mail. Then along came the Internet, and suddenly it became important to establish a web presence. But then social media rose to prominence, ... Continue Reading →
database hdd backup

4 Top Reasons Why You Should Work With Remote Database Experts

Managing the database of a company is a task that consumes time and can be complex depending on the size of the company. This task can easily distract your staff and employees from carrying out the other company activities that boost productivity. As a result, ... Continue Reading →
big data infrastructure

How Infrastructure Impacts Big Data

If there’s one term that’s really getting a workout these days, it’s “Big Data”. Everywhere you turn, across a vast spectrum of industries and organizations, Big Data always pops up. And why not? Everything about Big Data is, well, ... Continue Reading →
Social Media Customer Service

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Customer Service

Social media provides businesses the opportunity to listen and engage with their customers on a 24/7 basis. While social media gives businesses an entirely new way to market themselves and build relationships, it can also lead to disastrous results if used incorrectly. Below ... Continue Reading →
3d printing future in 2015

What’s In Store For 3D Computing

With the new year underway, it’s only natural to wonder not only what new innovations are in store for us, but which technologies introduced over the last year or so will really take off and come into the mainstream. If the 2015 International Consumer Electronics ... Continue Reading →
apps to wirelessly share files between iPhones

Best apps to wirelessly share files between iPhones

One of the advantages of having a smartphone is that you get to share files with your friends or even colleagues without having to use your PC for this. However, as you may all know that the file sharing feature among iPhones is not as easy as that in android and ... Continue Reading →
save money with the cloud

Put Your Budget In The Cloud And Save More Money

People talk about having their head in the clouds, well, how about having your money in the clouds? To be more precise, it’s putting your money in the cloud. Hey, cloud computing is a big thing today; all the cool kids are doing it! When it comes to money, ... Continue Reading →
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