Lotus Notes mails archive

How to Archive Emails in Lotus Notes Briefly

IBM Lotus Notes is a commonly used email platform that offers emailing, calendaring, and task scheduling purposes. Every Lotus Notes account is associated with database file called Notes Storage Facility (NSF) file that stores emails, contacts, calendars, journals ... Continue Reading →
Business Intelligence Dashboard

Learn More about Business Intelligence Dashboard

Business intelligence dashboard software is a data visualization tool that shows the current status of metrics and key performance indicators for a company or an enterprise. Dashboards merge and arrange metrics, numbers and performance scorecards on a single screen. ... Continue Reading →
movie converter

Converting Videos Containing Business Tips with Movavi Video Converter

Between all the guides, tutorials, and informative videos out there containing tons of helpful tips for businesses – you should have everything you need to learn the tricks of any trade. However when dealing with videos you may encounter some that you seem to ... Continue Reading →
Mark One Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

4 of the Latest and Greatest Tech Gadgets

What is life without new gadgets? The avid follower of technology is sure to keep up with the trends, buying the latest items in household entertainment and productivity. In fact, the modern world presents a unique problem: with so many gadgets on the market, it ... Continue Reading →
in-app messaging today

The Reasons Why In-App Messaging Is Working Today?

Messaging is not about only texting. It is about having conversations. Here is why the simplest in-app messaging platform on your phone is quickly becoming the most powerful. However, will it increase the business communications? Let us know here. An Outlook Well, ... Continue Reading →
Mobile App Promotion

Tips to Subtle Promotions for your Mobile App

Spending millions of dollars in building mobile applications are useless if you are unable to make space in the mobile phones of your target audience. Usually, entrepreneurs feel over confident after developing the mobile application and with the excitement of ... Continue Reading →
Ingenious Hacking Tricks to Watch Out For

Ingenious Hacking Tricks to Watch Out For

Hacking has evolved from simple pranks to sophisticated and malicious techniques strategized to prey on unsuspecting and vulnerable businesses, organizations, and people. One would be surprised to know how simple and unsuspecting common hacking techniques are, ... Continue Reading →
evolution of business telephony

The Chronology of Business Telephony

Since the telephone was invented by Scotland’s Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, telephony has evolved immeasurably, with the intervening decades marked by continual improvements in technology to the current point where smartphones are abundant in all parts of the ... Continue Reading →
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