blogging and seo guide on How to increase Internet traffic from search engines to your blog

Five Simple Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Writers start blogs to express their personal ideas and opinions, to market products and services, to communicate with like-minded people, and for several other reasons. No matter what your initial motivation is, your goal is to cultivate a readership. Millions ... Continue Reading →
smartphone use for QR code applications

QR Codes: A Growing Security Risk?

“Scan here for a great deal!” “Want to know more? Scan this code!” Quick response, or QR, codes are everywhere, from store windows to magazines to gas pumps. With a quick scan of your smartphone and a reader application, these codes can take you to a website, ... Continue Reading →
connect via Bluetooth and share files or communicate with gps devices

Bluetooth: An Ease in Sharing Files and Wireless Networking

People are using various devices with technological upgrade in a technologically rich nation. With the use of computer, mobiles and other gadgets, communication between two devices has become quite important. The accessories that connect those devices include wires, ... Continue Reading →
digital diagnostics via smartphone apps and our medical apps review guide on Tech Crates

Doctor’s Best: Top Medical Apps 2013

There are a variety of apps on your smartphone or tablet that can be used in a medical emergency or can be used by medical professionals to assist their functions at work. Mobile Medical Applications From apps that provide doctors with a wealth of information about ... Continue Reading →
windows has a network application layer that manages different wireless profiles with Windows 7 and Win 8 Wlan guide

Window 8: Changing the Priority of Wireless Networks

In windows 8, the user can’t directly prioritize between different wireless networks or between wireless network and a lane connection. It is because the windows 8, lacks any direst wireless profile manager. This wireless profile manager is present in the windows ... Continue Reading →
how to improve wifi connection and mobile Internet access

How Can I Boost My Wireless Internet Connection Speed?

Speed and modern technology is something that’s intertwined in most people’s minds at present. Whenever modern technology is mentioned, speed – in terms of performance and results – is the first thing that comes to mind. And there’s good reason for that. Improve ... Continue Reading →
how to get found by modern search engines guide

Local SEO Strategies For Small Business

If you own a small business, you need to pay attention to local seo. Getting ranked high in search engine results should be an important part of your e-commerce strategy. The phrase Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is thrown around a lot, and with ... Continue Reading →
Apple's success in the world consumer market and modern tech gadget devices for smartphones, tablets and tvs

How Apple Became A Global Powerhouse

If you asked someone what they knew about Apple in the early 2000s, it would not be surprising to receive a response describing the fruit. Today, however, people would immediately recognize the company as one of the largest and most influential brands in the world. Global ... Continue Reading →
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