Black and white color version of apple's iPhone 5

Reason Behind the Success of iPhone Apps over Android Apps

One doubt often we get asked is for what reason the Android form of generally unique iPhone applications looks so terrible as far as configuration and feel. The open source development architecture Android is a geek platform where design follows function. VN:F ... Continue Reading →
Review Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung launches Galaxy S4 Mini Smartphone: An Overview

Samsung wants to keep its consumers happy by giving them the power of choice by offering several devices differentiated on the basis of smartphone size, their specifications and even price. After launching its Flagship high-end smartphones Galaxy S4, there were ... Continue Reading →
Advancement of a modern technology world connected through the Internet sharing global knowledge

Living Life with Technology

Technology is everywhere. It’s in the streets, it’s at our workplace and it’s even at home. In some instances, we find ourselves becoming overly dependent on the gadgets and gizmos that we have around us. As a result, we can’t function properly ... Continue Reading →
mobile phone apps to manage finance

5 Must-Have Apps to Manage Your Finances

If you have a smart phone and you’re struggling with managing your money, then you’re in luck. Make a quick trip to your app store, and these little miracles of modern technology can be loaded up with every tool you could possibly need for managing ... Continue Reading →
Android Music experience

Digital Music Hitting New Wave in India

Two weeks ago, Google unveiled its music service, called Google Play Music All Access. With Google play you can discover new artists, browse millions of tracks and share music you buy with your friends on Google+. It also provides you with a cloud storage space ... Continue Reading →
Tech Crates newly custom built computer core hardware system

Tech Crates Insides: Experimental Server Hardware Upgrade :)

A warm welcome and good afternoon fellow friends and true readers. As planned during the last weeks our Server Hardware has been migrated to a  real pc based hardware and as you will think immediately this migration is worth showing some details and pictures for ... Continue Reading →
DNA strand of cell for computer virus evolution

With the Evolution of the Internet, are Viruses Evolving as Well?

Do Computer Viruses Evolve? The Internet has been likened to a living, breathing, evolving life form since its inception. And just like with regular life forms, the viruses that afflict computers connected to the Internet have been evolving in reaction to the how ... Continue Reading →
Sony Blu-ray player in 3D

How to Enjoy Terrific 3D and Blu-Ray Playback

Blu-ray players are in trend today, and there are several people who prefer buying 3D blu-ray players to enjoy 3D movies. Alternatively, if you have 3D blu-ray software and blu-ray player, PC can also play blu-ray DVDs; blu-ray player in this context refers to ... Continue Reading →
SME - Small Business Technology requirements

Technology Your Small Business Needs

The world of technology continues to expand what businesses can do. The things we wanted to be able to do five years ago are now possible. The things we didn’t know we wanted to do are also possible. Whether you are a small, up-and-coming company or a Fortune ... Continue Reading →
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