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How debt consolidation is useful for social media sites

There are many social media sites, which are seen getting popular among the users. Some of them, which are the top popular, include Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, which comprises of millions of users all over the world. This whopping amount of people present ... Continue Reading →
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Free Texting Apps For Android

If you had to pick a function that’s excessively popular among smart phone users aside from phone conversations and taking pictures, odds are it would be texting. For good or ill, it seems that everyone’s texting everywhere, including a lot of places ... Continue Reading →
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New Website SEO: How and Where to Start

Launching a new website is perhaps the easiest part of the ordeal, making it stand out of the mass is the more challenging bit. It is not a question of whether it is hard or not, because it is extremely hard to stand out, but whether you want to succeed or to be ... Continue Reading →
apple iphone 5c failure

Was iPhone 5c a failure?

In Apple’s recent earnings conference call, Tim Cook conceded that consumer demand for the iPhone 5S and 5c did not align with what the company had expected. More people were clamoring for iPhone 5S than Apple’s anticipation while demand for the plastic, colorful ... Continue Reading →
Big Data Security

Big Data Security

For all of the benefits of Big Data, the issue of security is sometimes left behind. Big Data is a big thing today, touted as a full court press of information that, once assimilated and properly used, will mean a shot in the arm for businesses that want to grow ... Continue Reading →
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VoIP: 4 alternatives for Skype

Well, it is quite difficult to find someone who does not use Skype on a regular basis at their office and the only reason behind such popularity are its free features. There are no recent official releases on the number of registered users of its service but Skype ... Continue Reading →
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7 Easy To Implement Steps To Increasing Your Web Presence

The internet is an incredibly valuable and important resource for businesses of all kinds. With an audience vaster than any other, the web is the only tool out there which allows smaller businesses to compete on a level playing field with their larger competitors. It ... Continue Reading →
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The Benefits of Software for Your Workplace Internet Monitoring

When you think about organisations today, there are very few that involve computer use. However, employees and staff will not always do the work they are supposed to. It’s important to monitor their web use and computer activity, but this can be a costly and ... Continue Reading →
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Improving The ‘Contact Us’ Experience to Generate More Web Customers

Anyone who’s done any degree of web surfing is no doubt familiar with the “Contact Us” pages that just about every website features. It’s the page that visitors click onto when they have a question, complaint, or need some kind of assistance. ... Continue Reading →
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Fake Heartbleed Removal Tool swipes Users Details found by Symantec

Before few months, Heartbleed bug has shocked almost web savvy person with a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL. Spammers are now taking advantage of Heartbleed bug found in OpenSSL Library and making users victim of phishing mail. Symantec currently revealed about ... Continue Reading →
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