agriculture in the United States is major part of food industry with new technology innovations 2014

Technology’s Impact on Farming in New Climates

With agriculture still such an important part of the United States economy, it’s vital for the farming industry to keep up with the inevitable climate changes that are occurring and will continue to occur in this country and throughout the world. Food Technology This ... Continue Reading →
smartphone manufacturers are faster than ever to evolve the next mobile phone that rules them all

Smartphones – Ruling the World of Technology

There are no second thoughts that technology has advanced extremely over the years and the level of ease and luxury it is providing today is just amazing. Advancing Mobile Technology And, whenever we talk about technology, mobile phone is the most talked about ... Continue Reading →
console emulator openemu with original Nintendo NES gaming pad virtualized

Openemu Classic Console Emulator for Mac

This interesting modular project is an Open Source emulator for classic consoles like Sega’s Master System, Nintendo’s Virtual Boy and other consoles. The software emulates classic computer consoles to provide an environment to run all those classics ... Continue Reading →
first iOS 7 untethered jailbreak

First Untethered Jailbreak For iOS 7 Released

It has been some time on the jailbreak development to find and acutally use an appropriate security breach in Apple’s iOS mobile operating system which is based on a Linux Darwin Kernel. Evasi0n iOS 7 Jailbreak The development team from evad3rs is the first ... Continue Reading →
Professioal Tech Cloud for future business development review from

How Cloud Technology Can Help Small Business

If you have a small business, you know that any advantage, like cloud computing is welcome. Anything that can help your business move forward and prosper is a good thing, and could mean the difference between a profitable business and one that’s barely breaking ... Continue Reading →
evolution in U.S. California companies tech development today infographic

Where Did All The Tech Jobs Go?

In the beginning of the 21st century, if you mentioned working in the tech space, especially for giants like IBM, Cisco and Research in Motion, one gained the envy of others, those who constantly read good tidings related to the tech industry and its major brands. ... Continue Reading →
safety gadgets for the road high speed

How an Inflatable Jacket could Save Your Life on a Motorbike

For decades motorcyclists have enjoyed the open road and the thrill of speed, with some level of risk to themselves. This is because, as most people would concede, motorcycles can be dangerous. Motorcyclists go to great lengths to safeguard their bodies from injury, ... Continue Reading →
WinX DVD converter for iOS videos

WinX DVD Video Converter Pack – Watch DVD/HD Videos on iPad Air

Surprisingly, the fifth generation iPad is not named as iPad 5 but iPad Air, from which one can imply its advantages in thickness and weight. But for one who needs to watch diversified videos on the 9.7 inches, 2,048 × 1,536 px color IGZO display, the format ... Continue Reading →
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