YouTube seo promoting your business

5 Ways YouTube Can Drastically Change Your Business

YouTube is one of the most powerful marketing tools the world has ever known, but you knew that already. Few forces have ever reached as many people or been as universally accepted as both a source of knowledge and a center of entertainment as YouTube is. You can ... Continue Reading →
Software review for financial software

Best Personal Finance Software

With the innovations of technology nowadays, it isn’t surprising that people are changing most of their habits to go with the trend of technology. Even personal finance tasks are now managed through their computers, laptops, or even mobile phones. VN:F ... Continue Reading →
Smartphone with an awesome battery - Lenovo Phone P770 review

Lenovo Phone P770 – Fab Smartphone With an Awesome Battery

There are a lot of smart phones manufacturer that are competing in the technical world today. Each of these mobile phone developers equipped their products with unique features and accessible application that consumers will truly enjoy, and to distinguish their ... Continue Reading →
Review Asus S400 with Microsoft Windows 8

Assessing Asus S400 Powered by Windows 8

The Asus s400 is here at last, powered by Windows 8. Details are available for this Ultrabook that has a dual-screen with a touch-screen added. You can use the laptop as a tablet when it is closed as the top of the cover has a touch-screen. Once you open up the ... Continue Reading →
Who did iPad Mini change the world of mobile gaming

What is the iPad Mini’s Impact on Gaming?

Anytime Apple comes to the playground, everyone wants to play. The iPad Mini is no exception in the world of gaming. Although it’s not set up with retina display, the 7.9-inch screen and 1,024 X 768-pixel display in a compact size will draw people in. It’s ... Continue Reading →
Sony voice control enabled remote for google TV

Sony shows voice control enabled remote for Google TV

Google leaked a video teaser of their Google TV version 3. This new iteration includes voice actions, Prime Time the updated guide (it lets you see what is available without leaving your current program) and a new YouTube app that has auto sync capability with ... Continue Reading →
Worldwide Travel apps review

Enhance your Travel Experience with These Apps

Travelling is not always easy. If you have planned a trip, even a short getaway, you know that there are so many different questions to be answered and details to be defined that it can become almost overwhelming. Technology, though, has made this process more ... Continue Reading →
Amazon Online Digital and success story to change our daily tech life

How Amazon Transformed Our Daily Lives is well-known for being one of the most major retailers on the Internet. The company was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, and he initially handled everything out of his garage. From these humble beginnings, an international success was born. In fact, ... Continue Reading →
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