Mobile Payment via smartphone - is it safe and secure?

Smartphones are Changing How We Pay, But are They Safe and Secure?

We truly live in an electronic age, where if you build it, they will come and use your software-based invention- as long as it is also better, cheaper, and more convenient than its predecessor. When it comes to money and payments, however, the acceptance criteria ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Windows 8 Tablet has Hit the Market

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet has Hit the Market

Nokia has planned to introduce tablets functioning on the latest Windows version, the Windows 8. This is the next step of this mobile manufacturing company after the release of its line of Windows Phone-oriented Lumia. So, finally Nokia tiptoed into the world of ... Continue Reading →
How to surf internet anonymously

How to Surf web Anonymously?

The internet has become a daily, mandatory activity for everyone from the average Joe to the millionaire owner of a big, multinational company; from a student to the dean of the most renowned college. All are slaves of the internet for their day-to-day work or ... Continue Reading →
How to hold an effective audio conference call meeting

How to Hold an Effective Audio Conferencing Call?

Productivity is key in any corporate organization. This is why meetings should reflect that drive. However, not all meetings are streamlined and efficient. And one of the worst problems in holding meetings is how to get everyone in the same room together, for at ... Continue Reading →
Free chat program chatwing

Online Social Expansion with Chatwing Chat Widget

In the Internet everything is about being social. Everybody wants to know, if not wants to be, the latest trend, gadget updates, social media celebrities and so on. The most important thing is to build and strengthen an online network which will be the source of ... Continue Reading →
Your newest marketing tool: Social Media Marketing

Social Media – Your Newest Marketing Tool

Boy that Mark Zuckerberg was really on to something! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms are turning out to be a boon to businesses of all kinds. Here are some tips to help you take advantage of this remarkable new selling medium. VN:F ... Continue Reading →
A Close Look at MMO Sci-Fi Game: Space Settlers for iOS

A Close Look at MMO Sci-Fi Game: Space Settlers for iOS

Today many new games are released every day on App Store to fill in your mind. Most of them are forgotten very soon due to lack of creativeness. No doubt it’s easy for everyone to find lots of similar games under a same category but hard to decide which one is ... Continue Reading →
entertain kids with smartphone apps for children

10 Smartphone Apps to Distract and Entertain Children

Let’s face it – singing “the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round” gets old after the fifteenth time. There are only so many activities you can keep your kids busy with during road trips, visits to the doctor’s office and grocery shopping. The booming ... Continue Reading →
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