streamline your business with printer technology

Let Printer Technology Streamline Your Business Processes

With the speed and diversity of printer technology these days, choosing the right print solution for your business can be an intimidating task. If you are looking to streamline multiple business processes and increase overall efficiency then perhaps you should ... Continue Reading →
Installing Windows 7 from USB boot guide

Windows 7 USB Installation Media

Not all the time, you can rely on Windows hard drive to keep installation media, it may be damaging, or there are chances you just being lazy never think about it. Even, in older system you do not have option to have a recovery drive. It is a good idea to create ... Continue Reading →
switch between computer with kvm switch

How to Switch Between Computers and Mini KVM Switch

Many people who work from home or have multiple computers throughout their house have come to realize that just how much a boost in productivity a KVM switch provides. People can operate dual monitors from the same keyboard or access the data and programs in older ... Continue Reading →
smartphone marketing mobile future

What’s Next, Marketing on Smart Phones? Yup

People love their smart phones and mobile devices. Let me rephrase: People are in love with their smart phones and mobile devices. Even in the poorest nations, smart phones and mobile devices proliferate. Everyone from 6 to 86 has at least a cell phone if not a ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy S4 review and compare with Apple iPhone 5

The Post-Samsung Galaxy S4 Predictions for the iPhone 5S

Samsung surprised a huge amount of An-drones in New York last week with a new smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy S4 (as we’ve always expected it to be called). The Galaxy S4 is thinner, lighter and heavier inside but looks a lot like the Galaxy S3 on the outside. ... Continue Reading →
Science Leaders in Medical Inventions

From Apps to Defibrilators: How Medical Technology Improves Lives

Advances in science of late are not only amazing, they are helping people improve their quality of life. From robotic limbs to doctor/patient smartphone apps to innovative ways to find counsel with software, technology is making it possible to connect and stay ... Continue Reading →
Unique blog content is important and should always provide a real value to readers

Why Content Delivery Networks Are Important For Businesses

What is Content Delivery Network and how does it work? Google ranks sites higher in search results that load content quickly. This means that online businesses providing content to end users must constantly improve delivery. One way that this can be done is to ... Continue Reading →
Internet Networking monitor per computer

Monitor Network Usage per Computer

Having access to unlimited bandwidth is something every internet user wishes, but unfortunately this is not always the case for many of us. And, at the end of the day we just have to make do with caps or restrictions placed on our bandwidth usage. Okay so if a ... Continue Reading →
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