How cell phone amplifiers work

What you need to know about the mobile repeater

One of the few things that people who live in distant areas and those who live in modern concrete jungle have in common is such troubles with cell phone connection as missed and dropped calls, low reception quality and background noises while talking on the cell ... Continue Reading →
Free Android Apps for childproofing your Smartphone

Free Apps for Childproofing your Android Smartphone

Every parent with a smartphone undoubtedly has some applications on it that their children can use. How to childproof your Android Smartphone? Giving your kids something to play with on your phone is a convenient way to distract them or keep them entertained when ... Continue Reading →
Google Maps - No Race at all and no competition

There Is No Race Against Google Maps

I have been noticing a very clear trend of sorts lately when it comes to Google and their famed Maps program. Every week (or maybe biweekly for the sake of fairness), Google has been rolling out massive update after update to Maps that just about makes it an untouchable ... Continue Reading →
Review Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows 8

Nokia Lumia 920 with Microsoft Windows 8 and Dual Core Processer

Nokia Lumia 920 is one of the top models of the prestigious Lumia series by the company that has already gained much popularity and good will. This is a Windows 8 based phone that is not only easy to use, but also has in it innumerable number of applications and ... Continue Reading →
3 different views from the Motorola droid razr hd

Motorola DROID RAZR HD Review

After being recently acquired by Google, Motorola is entering a new era. The influence of Google on Moto is just showing up making sure that Moto becomes the best of its kind. Motorola has launched its XT926 DROID RAZR HD phone which comes with a wall charger, ... Continue Reading →
Review of 3D Edition HP TouchSmart 620

HP TouchSmart 620-1170 3D Edition Desktop Review

There is no denying the fact that computers are becoming smaller and smaller thanks to the advent of tablets and smartphones and the takeover of laptops. But a computer is a computer. There is nothing like a desktop when it comes to gaming and performance. One ... Continue Reading →
Mobile Applications using JAVA programming language

Using JAVA for Mobile Applications

One of the great advances in mobile technology is the ability for the average consumer to have mobile devices that are connected to the internet. This allows access to information in real time and in real life circumstances is an important tool in our daily lives. ... Continue Reading →
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