For business and partnerships Internet reputation is essential

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

Building a good reputation online is very important for all businesses, even if your business does not sell online.  In today’s internet age, just about everyone knows about online reviews. Negative online reviews can happen at any time and may or may not even ... Continue Reading →
Amazon Kindle Generations and compare new model and old version

Taking a Look at the New Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite has been referred to as the world’s most advanced e-reader. With a high resolution and an 8 week battery life, this electronic reader is definitely gaining popularity. Amazon’s Kindle has definitely been a popular item, especially since ... Continue Reading →
smart cover reviewed features magnetic technology

A Review of Smart Cover

As one of the most innovative companies currently occupying the tech space, Apple has released a number of accessories that pair perfectly with its consumer electronics offerings. The Smart Cover serves as a revolutionary piece of technology that complements the ... Continue Reading →
Tablets compared for Samsung and Apple tablet pcs review

Samsung vs. Apple – Face Off – Which one is better?

The decent era of smart computing has just begun but the competition amongst the peers seems unrelenting in every aspect. Standing far above the ground on their stands, Samsung Mobiles and Apple Computers are on true face off in the present market scenario. While ... Continue Reading →
Meeting someone in real life face to face can be very different from online life

Online Connection? Think Twice Before You Meet Face to Face

You signed up for an online dating site not sure what to expect, but you strike up a conversation with somebody who seems perfect for you. They’re good-looking and funny, and they have a great job and share many of your interests. Is it too good to be true? ... Continue Reading →
water treatment

Germany Leads The Way In Waste Water Technology

The treatment of sewage is an expensive and a difficult task to do in the developing countries. All around the world, many researchers from various developing countries are working with the best of their knowledge to innovate systems that could be employed in these ... Continue Reading →
Galaxy S4 compared to Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S4: To buy or not to buy?

After months of anticipation and rumors, Samsung was finally able to launch its latest player in the Smartphone arena. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was expected to be the gadget that will revolutionize and continuously raise the standard when it comes these gadgets. VN:F ... Continue Reading →
apps to manage money and finance transactions and reporting

Budgetary and personal finance apps for your iPhone

With the increase in financial issues among the consumers, there are too many people who are always worried about their finances and are looking for simple and smart ways to follow a budget, save money, spend less and finally manage their money. With the advancement ... Continue Reading →
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