Be Clear and Concise and Engage the Reader With a Story

4 Tips for Writing Attention-Grabbing Email Titles

If you are marketing a product or service through email, write subject lines that grab the reader’s attention. This is particularly important when potential customers view these emails on their mobile device. The small screen size and relatively quick scrolling ... Continue Reading →
Distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS)

What is DDoS and who is targeted by DDoS attacks?

What is DDoS? DDoS is a short word, which represents a lot of pain. It stands for Distributed Denial of Service and is generally found followed by the word “attack”. In a nutshell, DDoS attacks attempt to overload a network resource (such as an internet ... Continue Reading →
online cloud data backup solutions

What Are The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage?

Is cloud storage right for your data storage needs? The best way to determine whether cloud storage will work for you, whether you are considering it for your business, personal use or both, is to know about the pros and cons. You will then be able to make a more ... Continue Reading →
educational gadgets for kids

Educational Gadgets For Kids

When it comes to education, parents know it’s very important to provide proper education for their children. As children nowadays are very intelligent and interest in educational gadgets is increasing, below are top educational gadgets you can surprise your ... Continue Reading →
technology innovation details

The Difference Between DIY Infographics and Professional Infographics

While it’s hard to say that any DIY project will ever be exactly the same quality as what a professional who has a lot of training and experience can achieve, there’s certainly plenty of possibilities for making some great inforgraphics yourself. This ... Continue Reading →
switch Internet Service Provider

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Switch Internet Providers?

You turn on your laptop to face that impending deadline, open your browser to check your Facebook page, and what happens? The internet is down again. If it feels like your wireless is offline more than it’s online, you might be thinking about switching internet ... Continue Reading →
finance software for mac comparing quicken and iBank 4 pros and cons, features and performance

Can iBank4 Hope to Compete?

When iBank4 was first released for Macs, many believed the program would never be able to compete with Quicken, the acknowledged leader in personal financial software. However, when Quicken attempted to move into Mac territory, users quickly discovered that the ... Continue Reading →
Antivirus with bit defender software protection tools

Keep your on-line activities safe with Bit defender

Internet security is one of the most necessary things which should have to keep your computer system safe. As the day progresses the computer users are getting acquainted with more and more virus programs which make the system unsafe. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: ... Continue Reading →
Home Security review for hardware, tools, gadgets and security apps

3 Tips to Avoid Home Security Scams

As temperatures warm up and people across the United States trade turtleneck sweaters for shorts and tank tops, some experts are warning that door-to-door salespersons are common sights in the springtime. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways that you can protect ... Continue Reading →
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