music service pono from artist Neil Young

Top 5 Music Gadgets to Keep Your Eye On in 2014

Music’s great, isn’t it? All those sounds, sequenced as to form a tune? Truly wonderful stuff. What’s even better though, is the gadgets we use to digest those tunes, which get more and more impressive each year that goes by. 2013 was a bumper crop for outstanding ... Continue Reading →
tech crates review for Canon's new PowerShot digital camera hands on

Canon’s PowerShot N100 Puts the Photographer in the Picture

The baby is till in the womb of mother yet it has got its name around the world. Wanna know who we’re talking about? Yeah, technically, it is an “it” and not a “who”! The thing in question here is none other than Canon made “PowerShot N100 digital camera” ... Continue Reading →
modern smartphone made by google itself running latest Android operating system and many new features are onboard

Google Launches a Fully Loaded Nexus 7

Google launched Nexus 7 in 2013 and enjoyed a handsome share of market, owing to the smart features and fast processor that this 8 inch tab possesses. The Nexus 7 tablet uses a micro SIM and is functional on multiple spectrum types like 2G, 3G and 4G networks. VN:F ... Continue Reading →
mini action camera drone gadget tech crates review 2014

Pocket Drone – GPS Mini Camera Drone

Available in the United States for now only, this mini drone is equipped with GPS and a mini action camera on board. The drone comes very handy in pocket sized smaller than an iPad mini table when it is faulted for easy transportation and mobility and has some ... Continue Reading →
technology show CES 2014 in U.S. Las Vegas this year from LG showcast

Curved Displays – The Latest from LG showcased at CES 2014

The CES 2014 witnessed many amazing product launches and among them LG electronics also showcased its latest product called as LG G Flex. This is one of another amazing smart phones launched by LG and here is the complete description of the LG G Flex. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please ... Continue Reading →
video marketing for online businesses worldwide today tech crates

Is Infographic Video the Next Level of Marketing?

The face of marketing continues to expand with the ever changing world. You no longer can simply put an ad on television or a billboard. While those methods do work, the more popular methods arising are quickly taking over older methods. When a company wants results ... Continue Reading →
the laser marking system is accessed by PCI interface card which sends digital signals

Laser Marking Technology – A Popular Method used for Marking Parts

Laser is a mechanism that emits electromagnetic radiation as visible lights through a process known as stimulated emission. Due to an increased competition level in so many industries, companies have been forced to introduce advanced technology and thus implement ... Continue Reading →
personal data kept safe with digital online data security policies for cloud systems and cloud data storage services

Safe Data Policies: Are You Keeping Your Records Secure?

How secure is your company’s data? With more and more businesses storing high quantities of their data online in cloud software systems, it doesn’t always guarantee that important information will be kept safe for long. Digital Data Security Recently in the ... Continue Reading →
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