10 Pitfalls to Avoid while Optimizing your Site for Local SEO

Optimization of a global search engine is quite important for any business, but, the significance of local SEO also demands high precision. According to the available data, it is generally believed that 50% of the consumers, who perform a local search on their smartphones, visit a store the very same day. And if your business’s visibility is not positioned highly in your area, your brick and mortar place could be trailing out to competitors which is surely not a progressive sign.  Now, improving SEO is a time taking process, but at the same time, there are a few measures that that help you optimize the local SEO easily and effectively. You may have learned a lot about what to do for local SEO optimization, but, contrary to others, we have brought you the flip side of the coin. So given below is a list of them.

Stop content Plagiarism

1. Using Plagiarized content is not a good option

You might be attracted to steal the content and post it online as it is an easy approach, but in reality, it is an offense. The Google’s guidelines for using plagiarized content strictly quotes the consequences of using copied content. Astonishingly, using plagiarized content not only affects your post but also causes damage to the source it has been copied. This eventually lowers your SEO Ranking and in dire cases, you may even get suspended by the search engines. Thus, using the plagiarized content. There are a number of tools present online for checking Plagiarism. So make use of them before going for final posting.

2. Do not have multiple Local Pages

There are a number of local businesses which get attracted to cheat local search results by having numerous local listing pages which are made for several cities. Miserably, this will not actually work as it is unfeasible to uphold the uniformity of your NAP when you make multiple pages in multiple cities. The pages will finally get flagged and thus would hinder the correctness of the information given on your site.

3. Do not practice writing of fake reviews

For people who are new to blogging, fake reviews can actually be a suitable shortcut for increasing the reputation of your business profile but in reality, you are violating the laws. It will actually boost your business in a short period of time but according to the guidelines by Google, it is a serious offense. Fake reviews will also spoil your reputation online as you play with the trust of people. So it’s better not to go for this track and be a genuine one.

Crate positive reviews

4. Maintain your Online Reputation

To get good local SEO result you must earn a great number of positive reviews. Your online reputation is a very important factor in the local SEO ranking. In the present world where all the things are digitally connected, all the business should opt for making the best and attractive online profiles that actually can fetch you, good customers. 

5. Do not post bad pictures or the ones which give unprofessional look

To make your business profile look good and genuine it is a great idea of posting a picture. However, you must post such pictures which are decent. Posting of pictures which do not show professionalism and gives the conduct of over chilled-out attitude, will make your profile look bad and people won’t visit much. So don’t opt for posting bad pictures.

6. Inconsistent Contact Info or which is not complete should not be given

For the people to find you out easily, mention your complete contact information. Inconsistent, or the information which is not clear, will be a problem as people won’t find you easily and your ranking on SEO will go down.  So make sure you contact information is completely visible and to the point.

Review content value is king

7. Do not make reviewing a tough task

According to the market research, 90% of the consumers today go for buying decisions based on the online reviews. In concern of SEO, online reviews comprise of up to 10% of the factors that Google and varied search engines use when ranking their search results. Reviews give the clear idea about what conversation are customers having regarding your business. There might be some who actually want to shut down such discussions. Before you confine consumers from reviewing you, be clear that besides content and exclusivity, your business will also be graded in terms of its user-friendliness and social allocation.

8. Do not make your content Spammy

Basically, Spammy content is made to make visitors click on ads or sign up forms. At first, it might look like a brilliance way to generate leads. However, spam will aggravate visitors. They’ll ultimately hate your site and stop visiting there. Search engines will also choose up to the spam and position you lower in their search results. 

9. Irrelevant Content and Categories should not be included

Verification of information present on your site is done by search engines. It will be compared with the listing. If the information is inconsistent your site will be devalued. Even with time your content may become outdated and due to it your site won’t attract visitors and it can be devalued. SO make sure to keep your content fresh and spicy to attract visitors.

Google Plus

10. Do not make a mistake of Ignoring Google+

In the social media world, Google+ is not the most important player. So for business who are into social media endeavors can think of ignoring it but this is not possible for SEO world. As Google is the top-most player in SEO world. Google+, therefore, gives you an outstanding proposal to enlarge your online presence in the best possible and easiest manner that Google can calculate and pull. Even web hosting reviews could be added.


Wrapping Up

Thus to conclude we can say Local SEO is not only appropriate but it is also very important for the accomplishment of a firm in today’s competitive business world. Since the customers of today are well armed with computers and host of other hand-held devices, they have the authority to find to check you just by doing a simple click. You must thus make sure that your business is present in your consumer’s search results in concern to your location, services, and products on sale.


Elise Mayers is a prolific blogger and web developer for a leading WordPress Development Company called WPCodingDev. She loves learning new things and sharing her in-depth experience with others in the form of articles and tutorials.

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    Missing some important details your google business page is also something to avoid. Details like wrong working hours or phone numbers may makes you lose customers or makes them unhappy when they rely on them and find out that they were wrong information

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