What Are The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage?

Is cloud storage right for your data storage needs? The best way to determine whether cloud storage will work for you, whether you are considering it for your business, personal use or both, is to know about the pros and cons. You will then be able to make a more informed decision regarding whether you should be using this type of storage for your important information.

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Pros of Cloud Storage


When information is stored through a cloud storage provider, it is accessible through any device that can connect to the Internet, including smart phones and iPads. If you are on the road a great deal, it will benefit you to be able to access your personal and/or business files while you are away from your home or office.

Safe Storage

If your business should experience any type of natural disaster that destroys your offices and equipment, you will not need to worry about losing documents that you have put into cloud storage. The reason for this bit of good news is because documents in cloud storage will be at a remote location not connected to your business premises. Of course, the same applies to your personal files if there should ever be an unfortunate situation such as theft, a fire or flood at your home.

Cost Effective

For businesses, it can be more cost effective to use cloud storage than other forms of storage and backup for important data.

Cons of Cloud Storage


Unfortunately, accessibility through the Internet can also be a disadvantage if you do not have Internet service due to an outage or being in a remote location where you cannot pick up a signal. If this is the case, you cannot access your files until you can obtain an Internet connection.

Limited Bandwidth

Cloud storage will provide you with a certain amount of bandwidth. If you go over that amount, substantial charges may come into play. If unlimited bandwidth is provided, this will not be a problem. You will certainly want to check into this with the cloud storage provider you are considering if you have decided that cloud storage is the way to go.

Security Issues

Even though cloud storage is considered to be a safe and reliable option for storing important information, there are those individuals who are still concerned about security due to the fact that all information is stored in a remote location. You will want to check out what security measures are used when you look into cloud storage providers that you have been considering for your valuable business and/or personal information.

There are a number of cloud storage providers offering different benefits and prices for their services. If you have decided that cloud storage is going to work out for your personal and/or business goals, you will want to check with the various providers that are offering this service to see which one will best fit your specific needs.

Lucy Matthews writes for OnlineStorage.net, where you can learn more about online file storage and read reviews of the main providers.

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  1. Simran

    Aug 20. 2013

    I think accessibility is the most important factor for choosing the cloud service. As take may example why i like dropbox: I’ve got a small business and need to share just some files sometimes… I’ve tried several cloud services like Office Online or Google Docs.
    Now I just work with Dropbox and it seems to work most practical comparing to all the other services… No plugins needed, no portals, just drag ‘n drop your files…

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  2. TechCrates

    Aug 20. 2013

    Cloud services are very convinient for our daily lifes as gadgets and mobile devices can connect to data stored in the cloud anywhere in the world having an Internet connection. Along with this convinience come security issues as just recently noticed worldwide for BigBrother watching us 😉

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