Time Management Apps

Time Management Apps for Attention-Challenged Individuals

In today’s entertainment, marketing, advertising-heavy world, we are bombarded with distractions left and right. This attention-grabbing environment makes it hard for anyone to concentrate, especially students and adults who suffer from attention deficit ... Continue Reading →
cloud Deposit Storage review

What Tools Clouds Offer To Upload Data?

It is indisputable fact that cloud storages are primarily associated with keeping data safe and protected. However, user should have data in the service, or to be more précised, in the account, to work along. One can say that upload action is a simple answer, ... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Useful Apps for PC

If you find your PC empty, then filling with these apps would be nice start up. Here are many applications available but we chose top 5 for you. All the applications below are really very useful for windows users and they can effectively do their work with the ... Continue Reading →
recover data files

Solve data Damage or corruption Issues in QuickBooks 2014 Files

Accounting consists of very important and useful information, and QuickBooks helps us manage that data. There could be many possibilities of data corruption with QBW file. In order for QuickBooks file repair, you can use its inbuilt utility. Here are the steps ... Continue Reading →
excel to vcard tool review

SysTools Excel to vCard Converter Tool

It is not easy to convert one file format to another one due to the nature and properties of distinct email clients. When the need to shift contacts from Excel to vCard comes around, then not any manual method is there to help out. SysTools Excel to vCard Converter ... Continue Reading →
SQL database recovery

Product Review for SysTools SQL Database Recovery

As a DBA, my main responsibility is to keep the database live under all circumstances. Recently, I came up with a complex issue that involves SQL Error 5235. The complexity was that there are different states of errors existing under this error code. So, to identify ... Continue Reading →
image ocr text recognition

Tips to convert images into editable documents

You have any hard copy of an image or some content, which you are keen to edit it. So, what would be the best way do so? Well to answer this question, the best way to do so come in the form of converting the image into editable word document one. Well, this can ... Continue Reading →
create an app without programming

How To Create An Awesome App Without Programming

So you want to get in on this whole “app” thing, but there’s a few factors holding you back. First of all, you are reluctant to invest any major resources or money in the endeavor. Next, you don’t have the luxury of lots of time to test ... Continue Reading →
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