You can repair MP4/MOV files manually as there are a number of solutions available online and the chances are that they may even work

6 Best Video Repair Software to repair MP4 and MOV files

With the inception of portable devices, entertainment has become an integral part of our everyday life. There is no denying the fact that people carry their world in the digital devices, therefore, these devices have become an important asset. Digital devices have ... Continue Reading →
samsung galaxy s8

Best Waterproof Phones of 2017

People these days are addicted to using their phones and couldn’t live without it. But still they take their expensive phones for granted and are prone to dropping it again and again. The most troublesome situation arrives when we drop our precious little gadget ... Continue Reading →
MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.0 Free Edition

Review of MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.0 Free Edition

One day, if you accidentally deleted the picture, document, video, or file, you know you can find the deleted data from Windows Recycle Bin. However, have you ever mistakenly hit Shift as well as Delete button on a photo, document, video, or file? What’s ... Continue Reading →
How to Convert files on iOS devices

How to Convert files on iOS devices

Dealing with files that aren’t properly formatted can often be tricky, which is why you should always have a reliable converter at hand. That is why we are glad to introduce you to PDF Converter Ultimate, a mobile app developed by Cometdocs. This app is pretty ... Continue Reading →
What is IOTransfer

IOTransfer – Transfer Your Files Across Devices

All of us will be very excited to set up a new iPhone. But every iOS user will face issues while transferring the files, photos, music, podcasts, iBooks, voice memos, videos (including 4K), and apps. There might be sync up issues in iTunes, corrupted backups issues, ... Continue Reading →
PDF to Word App

PDF to Word App – New Update and Many Perks to Discover

Did you know that there are 2.2 million available apps on the App Store and that there are even more applications on the Google Play – 2.8 million of them? Well, now you know it. That’s a huge number of different iOS and Android apps: some of them are really ... Continue Reading →
Night Screen

Top 10 Apps Every Android User Must Have On a Smartphone

There are no apps that are irreplaceable. However, there are many apps that are better than any apps you can substitute them with. And these apps are truly essentials for every Android device. Even though they might not come installed in your brand new Android, ... Continue Reading →
Converting Videos for Popular devices

Converting Videos for Popular Devices with Movavi Video Converter

Nowadays most of us use multiple devices to watch videos, ranging from computers to DVD players as well as set top boxes, mobile phones, or tablets. While it is convenient to be able to watch videos on these devices, the one problem you are bound to run into sooner ... Continue Reading →
Primo iPhone Data Recovery

Primo iPhone Data Recovery – A Whole New Tool Brings Your Lost Data Back

There are numerous unexpected situations that can cause data loss on your iPhone/iPad/iPod like carelessly deletion, failed jailbreak, faulty upgrade and other device crashes. Losing data can be a traumatizing experience if you don’t know how to recover them. ... Continue Reading →
AOMEI OneKey Recovery review

One Key System Backup and Restore for Your PC and Server

As a Windows user, have you come across a situation where your PC may have faced a boot failure or displayed an operating system not found error?  If you do not have a system backup image, then there’s a high possibility that you may lose your data. AOMEI OneKey ... Continue Reading →
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