Apps for dog lovers

Must-Have Apps For Dog Lovers

Apps help us in so many different areas of our lives. Everyone will have their favourite app that they use on a regular basis, but some may be unaware just how many useful apps there are for dogs. This infographic from GAP takes you through the best apps out there ... Continue Reading →
How to Selectively and Freely Move Data from Android to New iPhone 8/8 Plus

How to Selectively and Freely Move Data from Android to New iPhone 8/8 Plus

Planning to buy iPhone 8/ 8 Plus or even the X? If so, then you will face an imminent issue – how to move data from Android to new iPhone. Because the old Android carries all important data and files, contacts, messages, videos, photos, music, etc. and you ... Continue Reading →
app review for YouTV player APK

If You Use a PC And Don’t Use YouTV Player Apk, You’re Missing Out on a Lot

Today’s era of connected devices and lots of entertainment and infotainment apps mean that we come face to face with new varieties of apps almost every day. This is not to say, however, that all of the apps which we are familiar with are good. In fact, user ... Continue Reading →
review of photo recovery 3 free edition

MiniTool Photo Recovery 3.0 free Software Review

MiniTool photo recovery software is designed with free but outstanding photo recovery solutions, which can help recover lost photos from different types of digital cameras as well as storage devices. Apart from photo recovery, it also supports video recovery, audio ... Continue Reading →

Best Astrophotography Camera for the Money

If you love learning about and taking photos of planets, constellations and more, then you should have the best astrophotography camera. You just need some basic astronomy knowledge, and you can focus on the planet or moon you want to snap a picture of and be able ... Continue Reading →
8 Handy Apps for Woodworking 2017

8 Handy Apps for Woodworking

Before undertaking any woodwork project, it’s essential to have all the tools required for the job. You don’t want to be halfway through a cut, only to realize that the saw you have is not incisive enough, or that your initial calculations turned out to be ... Continue Reading →
Top VR game Syren

Top VR Games – Entering the Virtual Dimensions From Your Couch

Now that experiencing high tech has become extremely vogue, no wonder that VR games have gained popularity, too. Millions of us like to play with them, because they can give us high performance, sight, and experience. Therefore, we can find lots of them in the ... Continue Reading →
Gaming motherboard MSI Z270 Pro Carbon

Best Gaming Motherboard in 2017

While a motherboard isn’t likely to have a direct effect on your gaming, it does play an enormous role in your gaming PC. Therefore, you should consider allotting a good portion of your spending budget towards your motherboard. Not a normal Motherboard though, ... Continue Reading →
medical healthcare apps 2017

Medical and Healthcare Apps This Year

Anyone working in medicine know the vast amounts of information you need to know. No one is capable of knowing every detail of every condition or the side effects of every medicine. This infographic from Study Medicine Europe takes you through just some of the ... Continue Reading →
Partition Wizard 10 review and features

MiniTool Partition Wizard 10.2 Free Edition Review

Have you ever been put in a situation where Windows built-in Disk Management tool fails to help? Guess the answer of most people is positive. All kinds of third-party disk & partition management tools sprout up because Windows Disk Management (DM) has 2 main ... Continue Reading →
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