Document-management systems: What are the top picks for businesses?

No matter what type of business you are running, you’re likely to end up with a huge stack of documents on your desk and an even bigger pile of scattered files on your computers at some point. Sure, you may not have a lot of paperwork to deal with in the beginning, ... Continue Reading →
Android Apps for Landlords

Top 9 Android Apps for Landlords

Being a landlord can be hard work and isn’t always as smooth sailing as what people might assume. You need to think about everything from decorations and furniture, to the legal stuff – tenancy agreements, insurance, boiler repairs, electrical safety – ... Continue Reading →
curved LG smartphone

Why Curved Technology Is Taking Over

The newest trend in device development is the curved screen. From smartphones to TVs to computer monitors, some of the hottest products in the coming years are expected to feature this new technology. Find out more about what makes curved screens the next big thing ... Continue Reading →

When Chromebook Just Can’t Cut It

Chromebooks are inexpensive, they keep you up with the world even when you’re on the go, and there’s no fear of data loss. Neat right? But a Chromebook isn’t crafted to deal with high-end apps. They say never bring a knife to a gunfight – and they’re ... Continue Reading →

Smart TV Apps You Should Be Using

If you’ve bought a new TV recently, chances are good it’s a smart TV; by some estimates, 50 percent of all TVs purchased in 2015 will be smart TVs. What does that mean for today’s consumers? A whole new world of smart TV apps that make your new ... Continue Reading →
iPhone 6 best smartphone

Choose The Best Smartphone Among The preeminent Smartphones

A few years ago, mobile phones were just a simple communication device for talk and text. Today, Smartphones had changed the way we use the mobile phone to communicate and emails, VOiP and messaging systems. Businesses and personal lives took a massive upgrade ... Continue Reading →
marvel future tech

Netmarble Games has released MARVEL Future Fight

Besides my favorite Android game WWE IMMORTALS, another marvel game has come to Android devices, and also to iOS. MARVEL Future Fight is a game in which Netmarble Games has developed. This game allows players to select their team whether it’s superheroes ... Continue Reading →
iPhone 6

iPhone 6 or HTC One M9?: Top Flight Phones Compared

The latest generation of smartphones is pushing the boundaries of what these powerful devices can do, and Apple’s iPhone 6 along with the HTC One M9 for the Android mobile OS represent two of the most advanced products on the market. Each of these premium devices ... Continue Reading →
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