Best Astrophotography Camera for the Money

If you love learning about and taking photos of planets, constellations and more, then you should have the best astrophotography camera. You just need some basic astronomy knowledge, and you can focus on the planet or moon you want to snap a picture of and be able ... Continue Reading →
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Best DSLR Cameras Under $600

As the prices for DSLR cameras continue to drop, more people are curious about them and whether they’re worth purchasing. For those not in the know, DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. A DSLR camera brings together digital camera technology and the ... Continue Reading →
tech crates review for Canon's new PowerShot digital camera hands on

Canon’s PowerShot N100 Puts the Photographer in the Picture

The baby is till in the womb of mother yet it has got its name around the world. Wanna know who we’re talking about? Yeah, technically, it is an “it” and not a “who”! The thing in question here is none other than Canon made “PowerShot N100 digital camera” ... Continue Reading →
Hands-on Panasonic's new TZ flagship, Lumix TZ40

Panasonic Lumix TZ40 Review

The new Panasonic TZ flagship, the Lumix TZ40 is Panasonic’s latest model from the category of the so called travel zoom cameras. The Lumix TZ40, which is available as ZS30 model number in North America is a stable and reliable digital camera and uses the ... Continue Reading →
Reviewing digital cameras for travels

Digital Cameras for Travel

With the fast rising of social networking sites which has a “photo upload” features, there is no wonder that along with the rise of these social websites comes the popularity of digital cameras for travel. This is because aside from the fact that people love ... Continue Reading →
Review Olympus SP-620UZ

Olympus SP-620UZ Review

The Olympus SP-620UZ reminds us of the Olympus SZ-12 superzoom in many ways. Both the cameras are capable of generating stunning images at relatively low ISO settings, but struggle at higher settings. Moreover, both are limited to just 720p video clarity. The SZ-12 ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy Camera front and read display view

What You Need to Know about Samsung’s Galaxy Camera

Hold onto your pixels. Your old digital camera is about to become as dated as a Polaroid. With the advent of Android-powered cameras equipped with Wi-Fi, you won’t have to carry a camera, a phone and a laptop. With the new Samsung Galaxy camera, being introduced ... Continue Reading →

Black Hat Conference Puts Focus on Mobile Phone Security Threats

Millions of people share personal information such as bank details, Social Security numbers, and credit card numbers via mobile devices. The recent Black Hat USA 2012 security conference (held in Las Vegas from July 21 to 26) continued to focus on new vulnerabilities, ... Continue Reading →

Mobile Phones Reach 75% of the Planet

Most people today carry a cellphone, whether they live in an industrialized Western nation or in one of the many developing nations around the world. Cellphones are more than just communication devices for many people, thanks to increased technology and telecommunication ... Continue Reading →
samsung mv800 review

Samsung MV800 Review : Flip-out Display

The Samsung MV800, a compact camera from the house of Samsung has a really cool flip-out display that lets you capture outstanding photos easily as never before. Samsung MV800 has got a stylish design that attracts anyone towards it. Its mainly constructed for ... Continue Reading →
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