Apps for dog lovers

Must-Have Apps For Dog Lovers

Apps help us in so many different areas of our lives. Everyone will have their favourite app that they use on a regular basis, but some may be unaware just how many useful apps there are for dogs. This infographic from GAP takes you through the best apps out there ... Continue Reading →
app review for YouTV player APK

If You Use a PC And Don’t Use YouTV Player Apk, You’re Missing Out on a Lot

Today’s era of connected devices and lots of entertainment and infotainment apps mean that we come face to face with new varieties of apps almost every day. This is not to say, however, that all of the apps which we are familiar with are good. In fact, user ... Continue Reading →
8 Handy Apps for Woodworking 2017

8 Handy Apps for Woodworking

Before undertaking any woodwork project, it’s essential to have all the tools required for the job. You don’t want to be halfway through a cut, only to realize that the saw you have is not incisive enough, or that your initial calculations turned out to be ... Continue Reading →
medical healthcare apps 2017

Medical and Healthcare Apps This Year

Anyone working in medicine know the vast amounts of information you need to know. No one is capable of knowing every detail of every condition or the side effects of every medicine. This infographic from Study Medicine Europe takes you through just some of the ... Continue Reading →
Apple iOS 11 tricks

Here are 6 iOS 11 Tricks to Apply on Your iPads and iPhones

The public beta version of iOS 11 has gone live which consists of some fantastic features not only for the iPads but also for iPhones too. Nevertheless, we have been familiar with iOS 11’s hosts of features, but now we are going to narrate a different story. ... Continue Reading →
meal planning apps in 2017

Best Meal Planning & Nutrition Apps

Our diets can vary so much. One week we’re eating well and having a heathy dinner after work and on other weeks we opt for something quick or a takeaway far too often. This infographic from Lakeshore Convention Centre takes you through some of the apps that can ... Continue Reading →
Night Screen

Top 10 Apps Every Android User Must Have On a Smartphone

There are no apps that are irreplaceable. However, there are many apps that are better than any apps you can substitute them with. And these apps are truly essentials for every Android device. Even though they might not come installed in your brand new Android, ... Continue Reading →
Apps for Home Improvement

Apps for Home Improvement this Year

Carrying out a home improvement project can be exciting but it certaining can be a little daunting in that there is a lot to consider. If there is a lot of money involved, you’ll obviously want to get the best value for your money so research before you ... Continue Reading →
Top 50 Apps to track Everything

Top 50 Apps to track Everything

Smartphones are becoming an increasingly huge part of our lives, and with smartphones come apps. There are apps for just about everything now, including many that allow us to track various aspects of our lives. This guide from Vouchercloud looks at the 50 best ... Continue Reading →
5 must have Apps for College Kids this Year

5 must have Apps for College Kids this Year

Over the last five years, technology has taken a better place in education.  College kids are scuffling from one app to another.  Oh and the smartphones, they have given college life a new perception. It’s no longer the boring college life; it more fun. Everyone ... Continue Reading →
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