Best Gaming Notebooks for 2014

5 Best Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops have become the rising dominating power where once the venerable desktop held sway. After all, who wants to have their system rooted to just one measly location, when you can have awesome computing power everywhere you go? Having a laptop means having ... Continue Reading →
mobile computer evolve further and desktop pcs are descreasing rapidly

Laptop Market Research Report For The Consumer

Worldwide as per recent trends in sales and market analysis reports from sources like Gartner, the inference has been that PC and laptop sales slowly have been facing a decline, as a result of the demand shifting towards tablets. Although in an overall financial ... Continue Reading →
Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Official Release Review

Shortly before the official release, our Tech Crates Team got exclusive details again up-front showing you Samsung’s new Galaxy Note III. This next generation phablet will be officially announced tomorrow at Tech Show IFA (September 4) along with rumored ... Continue Reading →
when you buy a laptop, ultrabook or netbook you need to know which device is best for your needs

Netbooks vs. Laptops: Which is Right for You?

Whether you have a netbook or a laptop or even both you may have decided it’s time to make a decision and just stick by one of the two types of computer. Which is the best option? Understanding the difference between the two is the best place to start when making ... Continue Reading →
new windows 8 hybrids convertibles

Best Windows 8 Laptop-Tablet Hybrids

If there is anything leading the pack of consumers migrating to tablets, it’s businesses. Let’s face it: desktop PCs and even laptops have become less attractive alternatives to tablets that are as dedicated and competitive as, if not more than, their precursors. ... Continue Reading →
Installing Windows 7 from USB boot guide

Windows 7 USB Installation Media

Not all the time, you can rely on Windows hard drive to keep installation media, it may be damaging, or there are chances you just being lazy never think about it. Even, in older system you do not have option to have a recovery drive. It is a good idea to create ... Continue Reading →
Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Smartphone Empire at a threat

Is Samsung’s Android Smartphone Empire At A Threat?

When it comes to Smartphones, the battle has come to be almost a two pronged one, with the customers either going towards Android Samsung or sticking with the glamorous iPhone. When Google introduced the platform a few years ago, it brought in a whole new dimension ... Continue Reading →
Best technology gadgets of 2013

Gadgets to Look Out for in 2013

Advances in technology continue to blow the minds of consumers every year. In 2013, there are a lot of exciting developments to look forward to. Today’s tech gadgets are blurring the lines between tablets, laptops, ultrabooks and smartphones, offering devices ... Continue Reading →
Review Asus S400 with Microsoft Windows 8

Assessing Asus S400 Powered by Windows 8

The Asus s400 is here at last, powered by Windows 8. Details are available for this Ultrabook that has a dual-screen with a touch-screen added. You can use the laptop as a tablet when it is closed as the top of the cover has a touch-screen. Once you open up the ... Continue Reading →
Review on replacing a broken laptop screen

Replace a laptop screen

It is easy to think about changing a screen on your home pc, but you probably have never thought that you might as well change your laptop’s screen. And changing your laptop screen is not as complicated as you may think, and it is definitely cheaper than having ... Continue Reading →
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