Affordable Tablets that cost less than $100

Tablet PC’s have become the bread and butter of everyday technology. Because they are usually a few inches bigger than their counterparts, smartphones, they are able to have more powerful hardware. Unfortunately, a lot of us are trapped into thinking that ... Continue Reading →
Galaxy tab review

Galaxy Tab Price India – There are Plenty of Options Available

Technology has proved to be a boon for all those lovers of multitasking. Tablets have become a need more than a want today and that’s why every other person that we comes across is seen carrying one. Samsung, a pioneer in technology, understands these needs ... Continue Reading →
Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Official Release Review

Shortly before the official release, our Tech Crates Team got exclusive details again up-front showing you Samsung’s new Galaxy Note III. This next generation phablet will be officially announced tomorrow at Tech Show IFA (September 4) along with rumored ... Continue Reading →

LG announces full HD G Pad 8.3 Tablet

Today, LG announced its latest Full HD G Pad 8.3 tablet flagship. This tablet is launched in direct competition to Google’s Nexus tablet series. Company released the teaser of tablet this Monday only. This tablet will be shown at IFA show in Berlin, Germany ... Continue Reading →
tips to find the best tablet pc

Things to Consider When Choosing a Tablet

Everywhere you look, you will see people with their heads bowed down with their fingers busily moving over a flat surfaced device. You are likely looking at someone who is busy tinkering with his or her iPad. When Apple first introduced the iPad a few years ago, ... Continue Reading →
Amazon Kindle Generations and compare new model and old version

Taking a Look at the New Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite has been referred to as the world’s most advanced e-reader. With a high resolution and an 8 week battery life, this electronic reader is definitely gaining popularity. Amazon’s Kindle has definitely been a popular item, especially since ... Continue Reading →
Best technology gadgets of 2013

Gadgets to Look Out for in 2013

Advances in technology continue to blow the minds of consumers every year. In 2013, there are a lot of exciting developments to look forward to. Today’s tech gadgets are blurring the lines between tablets, laptops, ultrabooks and smartphones, offering devices ... Continue Reading →
Nokia Windows 8 Tablet has Hit the Market

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet has Hit the Market

Nokia has planned to introduce tablets functioning on the latest Windows version, the Windows 8. This is the next step of this mobile manufacturing company after the release of its line of Windows Phone-oriented Lumia. So, finally Nokia tiptoed into the world of ... Continue Reading →
Review and Details for the Nook HD eBook Reader Tablet

Hands on with Nook HD Tablet

Similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire that proved to be a runaway success last year, along with Google’s foray into the tablets markets through Asus, gave us the 7 inch versions of tablets that are so popular today. It now seems to be the turn of the company that ... Continue Reading →