Work at Home as a Search Engine Evaluator with Zero Investment in India

Today, I am going to share you about work at home as a search engine evaluator with zero investment in India.

What is a search engine evaluator?

The Search engine evaluator must evaluate the search result based on the search term and s (he) must decide the relevancy of the result whether it is relevant to the search term or not. So, the job of the search engine evaluator is to find the relevancy of the results, whether matched to the search term or not.

The Search engine evaluator must evaluate the search result based on the search term and s (he) must decide the relevancy of the result whether it is relevant to the search term or not

For instance, the search engine evaluator may search the term like “Nokia”

If s (he) gets the same Nokia website, that will be considered as the most relevant result.

Otherwise, it will consider as least relevant result, such as a mobile phone review website or the personal blog about Nokia phone etc. As a search engine evaluator needs to select the correct and relevant answer about the specified search term.

Finally, this is the whole process of this job which is done by the search engine evaluator.

How much can earn from this job

Generally, Payment will vary depends upon the project. That will be also calculated by the hourly basis. In India, you may expect $4 – $5based on the project per hour. The project will be assigned based on your assessment test performance. If you got more score, you will be assigned with high payment projects too.

Moreover, all the companies who are providing this search engine evaluator job will recruit candidates as a contract employee. So you may not expect the regular project. In the sense, after finishing the assigned project, you need to wait for some time for another project.

The Payment will be given monthly or weekly basis via paper cheque or direct deposit [It completely depends upon the company’s norms].

How to apply for the search engine evaluator jobs

There are many companies available to offer this kind of search engine evaluator job all over the world and they are also paying well for their contract employees. But the beauty is, there are very few companies provides global job opportunities like India.

Search Engine Evaluator jobs are very easy and flexible ways to earn money online. Rather than Search Engine Evaluator jobs, there are numbers of jobs available from home, which will help you to earn some money online.

Register with those company websites with complete bio-data and submit resume with the proper covering letter. After registering you will be receiving the confirmation mail, later you will be invited to the pre-assessment test.

Basically, all the companies want to check general English proficiency, some basic technical skills, and the most important test is a searching knowledge through search engines. Additionally, the one who is going to attend the test needs to read lengthy qualification material to pass the exams. After completing these assessment tests, you will get the job based on your test performance.

Who are all qualified for this search engine evaluator Job?

The one who is willing to working as a search engine evaluator needs to have a computer with a proper Internet connection with security software and s (he) should well familiar with the Internet search with the proficiency in English.

Work at home as a search engine evaluator needs only minimum qualification like a degree or master degree in any discipline. This also depends the company, somebody needs college degree somebody may not.

Moreover, the search engine evaluator should work hourly basis. Most of the companies expect 20-22 hours per week (flexible time). Make sure before accepting the job that you can spend that much of hours per week (Monday to Friday).

The one who is applying the search engine evaluator post, S (he) needs to face multiple test process called as assessment test. After completing these all test only, one can elect to work as a search engine evaluator.

The Search engine evaluator is one of the best options to work at home with zero investment but be focused on all the exams and get qualify as much as possible. They provide detailed qualification material that will help you to get pass the test. So take the time to read those materials.

I think this post will help you to get to know about the search engine evaluator job and my upcoming post will discuss the companies who are offering jobs in this search engine evaluator position in India.

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  1. brainaudio

    Jul 10. 2017

    Most people opt for this kind of work now. Home based computer work are much easier they say than in an office.

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  2. Riyadh

    Jul 15. 2017

    i think this type work is searched more online, and there are so many cases where people are denied payments after work completion, so it can not be a serious business to choose as career is what my view.

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