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Protect Your Aging Parents Before It’s Too Late

Seeing abrupt changes in elderly parents can be an alarming and a difficult experience. Perhaps your mom’s bills are piling up or your dad is neglecting things he once took pride in. Maybe your parents’ poor memory is looking like a radix to something more ... Continue Reading →
Steps to Ensure Swift Data Restoration after Data Loss

Steps to Ensure Swift Data Restoration after Data Loss

Data loss is an impending disaster that many companies fear. While it may spell doom for your company operations, with ample preparation a data loss incident should not be a cause of crisis for your organization. With the advanced knowledge companies have on data ... Continue Reading →
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Forgot Windows 10 Password – How to Recover?

Let’s admit it, we have all done this. You sit down and log in to your system to get your stuff done, type your password but BAMM! You noticed that you don’t remember it anymore. So, you tried every possible combination of characters and digits, but the result ... Continue Reading →
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5 Mistakes to Avoid when Positioning your Outdoor Security Camera

When it comes to installing surveillance camera, most of us make a lot of mistakes. If things are going good, you can always ignore the consequences of these installation mistakes. But in case of a bad situation, these errors could create huge complications for ... Continue Reading →
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3 Steps to Improving Security in Your Place of Business

In any place of business, security is of utmost importance. It not only maintains the integrity of operations within the business and among employees, but also ensures the safety and positive experience of customers and patrons. The good news is that with advancements ... Continue Reading →
BlackBerry PGP Encryption

Why BlackBerry PGP Encryption Surpasses Messaging Apps

Digital privacy is at the top of everyone’s minds these days, and rightfully so – there is so much personal and financial data about ourselves online that it’s a goldmine for cybercriminals and government surveillance agencies. Some skeptics dismiss the idea ... Continue Reading →
Tricks to Create a Strong Password

Tricks to Create a Strong Password

If you are like most people, you have many online accounts and a plethora of private and confidential information on them. Today, most of us have multiple social media and email accounts which contain a lot of personal and corporate data that you don’t want seen ... Continue Reading →
Two-Factor Authentication

10 Useful Tips to Keep Hackers at Bay

Cyber criminals and hackers are an ever-present threat to internet users from day 1. To make matters worse, users don’t have adequate knowledge, or bluntly put, they don’t bother about getting the necessary knowledge required to arm themselves with the ... Continue Reading →
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Protecting Your Data in the Cloud: 5 Things You Must Do

Hacks related to data stored in the cloud seem to be never-ending. Whether it is celebrities having their iCloud hacked, or large corporations having their private data hacked, there just doesn’t seem to be an end to it. And, you know what, there’ll ... Continue Reading →
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10 Ways to Increase your Digital Security

The time to be conscious of your digital security is upon all of us: Donald J. Trump will be the next President of the USA. He will be in charge of the most powerful online spying tool in the world: The NSA’s PRISM. Digital security is not for paranoid online ... Continue Reading →
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