Protect social media accounts from man in the middle hacks

Protect Social Media Accounts from Man in the Middle Hacks

With new data breaches happening all the time, like the now infamous Fappening, it is becoming more and more important to protect your online activity. Since so much of our lives are now on social media, steps should be taken to defend against even the most basic ... Continue Reading →
Social Media follow

How a New Follower on Social Media Can Become a Lifelong Follower

Your social media accounts will be attracting new followers all the time. But how do you go about turning these curious web users into lifelong fans? Turning a new follower into an engaged follower who cares about your brand takes work. Read this article to discover ... Continue Reading →
How to Get Your Content Spreading Virally

How to Get Your Content Spreading Virally

A buzz term that has been around for the better part of 10 years now is viral marketing. The attention it gets from an online marketers standpoint is warranted as some incredible advertising has been done. It has also appealed to consumers as they have enjoyed ... Continue Reading →
How to create a viral video

Do You Want to Create a Viral Video? You had Better Plan Ahead!

It may seem easy to create a viral video: film something that people will laugh at, love, hate, and share. Then the internet takes care of the rest, right? Well, no, because then every video would go viral…but they aren’t! The viral video that you create ... Continue Reading →

Brilliant Viral Marketing Campaigns for the FIFA World Cup

Pepsi and Coca~Cola are two companies that have been battling it out on the cola war pitch since the beginning of cola beverages! These two fierce competitors know a good time to compete when they see it, and the upcoming FIFA World Cup is the perfect venue for ... Continue Reading →
social media

How debt consolidation is useful for social media sites

There are many social media sites, which are seen getting popular among the users. Some of them, which are the top popular, include Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, which comprises of millions of users all over the world. This whopping amount of people present ... Continue Reading →
social networks link

7 Easy To Implement Steps To Increasing Your Web Presence

The internet is an incredibly valuable and important resource for businesses of all kinds. With an audience vaster than any other, the web is the only tool out there which allows smaller businesses to compete on a level playing field with their larger competitors. It ... Continue Reading →
Link Building How To

10 offbeat Link Building Strategies you might’ve never heard of

No matterhow brilliant your website scores in terms of looks and features, if you aren’t able to follow the right link building strategy you stand a chance of losing a good count of high-paying leads. Gaining flawless brand recognition has become a mission ... Continue Reading →
AmazonCart Twitter Feature

The New Twitter Amazon Cart Feature

The new Twitter Amazon cart feature is yet another ways for the online sales giant known as Amazon to make money. With their recent acquisition of their main comic book competition, it seems as if they want all of the money in the entire online sales world. The ... Continue Reading →
how to make money with youtube

Business Opportunities with YouTube

Many reports lately came around, that guys are actually earning a salary by creating and publishing of their videos on YouTube. While there is no doubt that a few people got lucky and achieved that goal, our question is whether the majority of modern Internet people ... Continue Reading →
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