Steps to Ensure Swift Data Restoration after Data Loss

Data loss is an impending disaster that many companies fear. While it may spell doom for your company operations, with ample preparation a data loss incident should not be a cause of crisis for your organization. With the advanced knowledge companies have on data loss as well as lessons learnt from companies that have gone through the same, you can protect yourself from massive losses should such an event occur.

Being proactive by preparing for any eventuality allows you to go on with your company operations with minimal hiccups in the event of deletion, overwriting or corruption of your important data files. While preventive measures are the first line of defense in your data management, having a plan Bin place means that should your prevention efforts fail, you have something to cushion you from a destructive aftermath.

Steps to Ensure Swift Data Restoration after Data Loss

Have protocols that allow easy access to backup files

Invest in infrastructure that allows adequate backup of all your files. If you deal with large volumes of data, ensure that the backup system can adequately hold all your data. It would be unfortunate to only get partial recovery of your data because your backup servers did not have the capacity to accommodate all your data.

After the incident, your systems should easily restore the backup files without any hitches. If your data hosting is on external servers, you should ensure they have adequate security as well as simple protocols that will allow you to restore swiftly. Quick access to backup data means that you will not have to stop your operations. You will be able to meet the needs of your clients, therefore enjoying continuity of your operations.

Get professional help

Depending on the level of data loss, you should rely on professional help. Having a professional restore your data is to your advantage as you have an assurance of a positive outcome. You may use applications that enable data recovery but in the wrong hands, this action can cause more harm than good.

An expert has the skills to locate the data and recover it. If it is beyond restoration, you can benefit from expert advice and other resources that will help you prevent the data loss in the first place. If you have insufficient backup plans in place, you will get guidance on how to improve this. A professional should be able to identify problem areas and give solutions that will help prevent data loss.

Contain the threat

Threats such as worm attacks can remain in the system if you do not effectively root them out. You should ensure that all traces of the virus and other malicious software are out of your systems before restoring data to it, especially from your backup files. This is because such threats will re-infect your system leading to data corruption new or loss. Introducing an updated antivirus from a trusted brand should ensure you catch this bad software from whichever part of the system it is in.


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