mobile tech survey

Mobile Tech Survey Report 2016

When it comes to the dividing line between at-work technology and home life, how old-fashioned are you? If you’re like many people, you’re probably more contemporary-minded than you’d like to be. That’s because in spite of our best intentions, many of us ... Continue Reading →
Virtual Reality

Four Reasons Why Virtual Reality Might Not Be Revolutionary

2016 is shaping to be the year of VR. With the two giant companies HTC and Oculus going head to head, they are bringing out their big guns with their latest headsets and the competition is on to see which one comes out ahead. The thing which makes people very intrigued ... Continue Reading →
evolution of business telephony

The Chronology of Business Telephony

Since the telephone was invented by Scotland’s Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, telephony has evolved immeasurably, with the intervening decades marked by continual improvements in technology to the current point where smartphones are abundant in all parts of the ... Continue Reading →
UI vs. UX - What is the Difference

UI vs. UX – What is the Difference

As much as we want to think that the Internet is driven by information, it’s really driven by is the same thing that everything else in the human world is driven by – emotion. How do you use this website? How does this website make you feel? One of the ... Continue Reading →
print technology history

Interactive Storymap – The History of Print Technology

Today, we got a nice story map that shows the history of print technology chronologically. The story map starts in 618-906 (A.D.) in China where the Chinese people used to print on carved wooden blocks. This era marks the first occurence of printed images. The ... Continue Reading →
Tech Entrepreneur are setting out to shake up the World

Tech Entrepreneur are setting out to shake up the World of Brick and Mortar

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs are seeking to revolutionize the brick and mortar industry. Sadly, in today’s advanced tech world, the property technology segment hasn’t received a lot of praise. Throughout the year 2014, investors from around the world put a colossal ... Continue Reading →
web hosting

Get your Brand Introduced Globally with Web Hosting Services

The unprecedented growth opportunities are there in the field of online business. Globally it’s getting massive popularity, in general, users’ wants that their websites should be able to grab the customers’ attention and gain good rankings in all the search ... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to choose advanced cloud-based videoconferencing

In the 21st Century, businesses worldwide thrive on seamless communication among partners, colleagues and associates when needed. Gone are the days when people believed that too many cooks spoilt the broth. In this day and age, everyone contributes towards an innovative ... Continue Reading →
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