bitcoin technology

Some Benefits of Bitcoin that you should know about

Bitcoin was an idea proposed by a software developer named Satoshi Nakamoto. They wanted to make an electronic payment system independent of any central authority and more convenient for the people to make transactions online so they developed Bitcoin.The mind-blowing ... Continue Reading →
Mobile Technology lifestyle

Mobile Technology and Its Effects on Human life

Technology has emerged furiously in the current century and the invention, especially in the shape of mobile phones, has changed the living style of the whole humanity. The contemporary technological gadgets such as smartphones have promised to make life easier ... Continue Reading →
Ways Technology Has Made Our Lives Easier

4 Ways Technology Has Made Our Lives Easier

With the advancements in technology, our life has become really easier. Now we do not have to think about doing things manually. Instead, we can just avail technological tools to do our daily tasks. Below are the ways that exhibit how technology has made our life ... Continue Reading →
healthcare technology 2017

3 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Health

Advances in technology have revolutionized the health of Americans over the past decade. Better diet tracking, digital personal trainers, and health monitors all work to make improving your health easier and more affordable. As more people turn to technology for ... Continue Reading →
Technology in workplace

Importance of Technology in Work-Place

A very few people know that dawn of technology was the time when man thought that he could take help from tools to help him in his work? Man, technology and society have upgraded or made new changes many times after the old human times. The human race has taken ... Continue Reading →
Latest Technology and its Effects on Human Health

Latest Technology and its Effects on Human Health

Latest technology has opened up many ways for the betterment of human beings. We have seen thousands of developments in the field of technology. The innumerable inventions have made our lives much easier then primitive times but it is has also affected our health. ... Continue Reading →
the future of car technology

Where Next for Car Technology?

If you’ve bought a car this side of the year 2000, you can expect features such as electric windows, remote locking and power steering to come as standard. However, there was a time in the not hugely distant past when these were considered radical selling points ... Continue Reading →
The evolution of Television (TV)

The Past and the Path Forward in the life of a Television

Philo Taylor Farnsworth When Philo Taylor Farnsworth transmitted the first image on his invention, it was a simple line. With the shift towards the dollar sign, he was asked by an investor “When are we going to see some dollars for real?” Philo Taylor Farnsworth ... Continue Reading →
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