curved LG smartphone

Why Curved Technology Is Taking Over

The newest trend in device development is the curved screen. From smartphones to TVs to computer monitors, some of the hottest products in the coming years are expected to feature this new technology. Find out more about what makes curved screens the next big thing ... Continue Reading →
Evolution of Mobiles

The Evolution of Mobiles

Today, we received an interesting infographic which shows the evolution of mobile phones all way back to 1973. The first call ever done using a mobile phone was made by the company of Motorola. I still remember my dad using his Motorola for work because we didn’t ... Continue Reading →
Wearable Technology Will Transform Workplace

How Wearable Technology Will Transform the Workplace

Brent Blum is the Director of Wearable Technologies at Accenture. He discusses the future of IoT – The Internet of Things – in this video from Samsung and The Economist. It’s intriguing to think that his vision of what wearable tech could accomplish ... Continue Reading →
Innovative Educational Tools for Students

Innovative Educational Tools for Students

  Students are required to be innovative at whatever it is that they do. It is strongly believed that innovation can help us to change the society and make us better. Therefore, giving our students this ability helps us to create a future that we have all dreamed ... Continue Reading →
proactive student

Know How Tech Tools Would Make You a Proactive Student

In the last 15 years, we have seen a huge change in technology. Now students are using social media and powerful apps to compete even with the class topper in a proactive manner. Unfortunately many students are unaware about the benefit of technology that they ... Continue Reading →
The BC/AD Eras of Photography and the Past

The BC/AD Eras of Photography and the Past

Cameras used to be expensive. The ones that found their way into the hands of most consumers were also pretty bad. Those of us old enough to have grown up in that era have the record of lame consumer photography technologies, in the form of hundreds of photos pasted ... Continue Reading →
Mobile Technology for Small Businesses

Best Use of Mobile Technology for Small Businesses

If you feel that mobile phone technology is mostly beneficial for home users, then you are completely mistaken. In the current scenario, you will find that even small businesses are using mobile phone technology to boost their sales. How? Let’s find out. VN:F ... Continue Reading →
Online Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality – What One Need To Know?

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, in May 2014, released a proposal in which he allowed companies such as Verizon, Comcast and AT&T to differentiate online and generate pay-to-play fast lanes. What has happened? Millions of people came on the road and spoke out against ... Continue Reading →
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