unmanned solar powered drone

Future Google Internet Drone – Solara 50 Titan Aerospace

Following the line of major technology industry fusions with U.S. Internet giant Facebook and friends from the valley of California as well as Amazon speeding up their drone delivery system, Google just bought Titan Aerospace, an high-altitude drone maker company ... Continue Reading →
mobile app developer operating system review

Choosing the Smartphone OS that Allows Easy Development of Mobile Apps

Launching a new app in the market is no longer as simple as it used to be even a couple of years ago. With so many different operating systems effective in the Smartphone arena these days, deciding on where to launch an app has become really difficult for developers. ... Continue Reading →
cloudbased voip service technology review

SIP Trunking vs. IP-PBX: The Rivalry Continues!

It is a basic prerequisite of every business organization to have an Internet connection on which they can depend blindly and a communication medium through which they can connect with their employees and clients as and when required. Integration of VoIP in the ... Continue Reading →
technology review for Internet of things in home entertainment and tv

The Internet Of Things For Your Home Theater

While no one can dispute the specialness of going out to the movies and seeing some first-run blockbuster rendered in all its teeth-rattling glory on the big screen, there’s no doubt that home theater options have become more accessible and more effective ... Continue Reading →
online businesses use voip communication services for easily communicate with clients

How VoIP is more effective than you ever think

VoIP is a hot topic of conversation in today’s business industries. For companies that want to expand their communication capabilities, VoIP is the option to choose. Business owners see VoIP as a way to expand and grow with reliable tools for everyday activities. ... Continue Reading →
The photocopier that would be best for you is going to depend on a few factors

Which Toshiba Photocopier Is Right For You?

When it comes to the Toshiba photocopier, there are a few things to consider. Those who are looking for the best results should carefully consider everything that is being offered. The photocopier that would be best for you is going to depend on a few factors; ... Continue Reading →
modern training with next generation of technology for educational purpose

Learning on the Job: 3 Ways Technology Is Changing Expectations

The digital age has created a new kind of employee — one that thrives through the use of technology. EDUCAUSE has published several studies that support this notion. This is big news for employers because they must think differently when it comes to training ... Continue Reading →
daily business calls require professional IT infrastructure and PBX know how

How Important Incoming Calls Are For Any Business

‘Contact us’ is a page you find on almost every single website. Even E-commerce web portals rely on this where their customers can shop and pay them by online transactions. The questions is: What makes it important? The Importance of Business Calls Couple of ... Continue Reading →
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