print technology history

Interactive Storymap – The History of Print Technology

Today, we got a nice story map that shows the history of print technology chronologically. The story map starts in 618-906 (A.D.) in China where the Chinese people used to print on carved wooden blocks. This era marks the first occurence of printed images. The ... Continue Reading →
Tech Entrepreneur are setting out to shake up the World

Tech Entrepreneur are setting out to shake up the World of Brick and Mortar

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs are seeking to revolutionize the brick and mortar industry. Sadly, in today’s advanced tech world, the property technology segment hasn’t received a lot of praise. Throughout the year 2014, investors from around the world put a colossal ... Continue Reading →
web hosting

Get your Brand Introduced Globally with Web Hosting Services

The unprecedented growth opportunities are there in the field of online business. Globally it’s getting massive popularity, in general, users’ wants that their websites should be able to grab the customers’ attention and gain good rankings in all the search ... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to choose advanced cloud-based videoconferencing

In the 21st Century, businesses worldwide thrive on seamless communication among partners, colleagues and associates when needed. Gone are the days when people believed that too many cooks spoilt the broth. In this day and age, everyone contributes towards an innovative ... Continue Reading →
Optimize Your Online Business

How to Optimize Your Online Business to Drive Millions

In the present time business operators are engaging online platform for maximising their income. If you’re also looking for something that will double your income, then online resources is the right option. This is because it will not online drive more revenue ... Continue Reading →
curved LG smartphone

Why Curved Technology Is Taking Over

The newest trend in device development is the curved screen. From smartphones to TVs to computer monitors, some of the hottest products in the coming years are expected to feature this new technology. Find out more about what makes curved screens the next big thing ... Continue Reading →
Evolution of Mobiles

The Evolution of Mobiles

Today, we received an interesting infographic which shows the evolution of mobile phones all way back to 1973. The first call ever done using a mobile phone was made by the company of Motorola. I still remember my dad using his Motorola for work because we didn’t ... Continue Reading →
Wearable Technology Will Transform Workplace

How Wearable Technology Will Transform the Workplace

Brent Blum is the Director of Wearable Technologies at Accenture. He discusses the future of IoT – The Internet of Things – in this video from Samsung and The Economist. It’s intriguing to think that his vision of what wearable tech could accomplish ... Continue Reading →
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