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Top Drones that Carry GoPro Cameras

In the dronesphere today, the ability of a drone to shoot footages of the highest possible quality has become of paramount importance. In a bid to achieve the best possible photo and video quality, manufacturers of these UAVs opt for the most advanced cameras and ... Continue Reading →
New Drones and the Amazing Technologies that Come With Them

New Drones and the Amazing Technologies that Come With Them

It is no secret that drones play a vital role in military operations. Not only is it efficient in retrieving important geographical data, but it is also widely used as a monitoring device. However, the development of drones does not stop there as newly-advanced ... Continue Reading →
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Future Google Internet Drone – Solara 50 Titan Aerospace

Following the line of major technology industry fusions with U.S. Internet giant Facebook and friends from the valley of California as well as Amazon speeding up their drone delivery system, Google just bought Titan Aerospace, an high-altitude drone maker company ... Continue Reading →
UK government introduces automotive technology for driverless cars

Driverless Cars Coming to the United Kingdom

In recent years there have been a series of groundbreaking inventions throughout the field of automotive technology; from keyless ignition, to cars which can parallel park themselves. Now, the UK government has announced plans which suggest Britain could be at ... Continue Reading →
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Pocket Drone – GPS Mini Camera Drone

Available in the United States for now only, this mini drone is equipped with GPS and a mini action camera on board. The drone comes very handy in pocket sized smaller than an iPad mini table when it is faulted for easy transportation and mobility and has some ... Continue Reading →
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From Sat Nav to Self-Driving as Cars Get Cleverer

People rely on increasingly sophisticated technology in many areas of their lives these days, including when they get behind the wheel. Cars now boast an impressive array of hi-tech features designed to make motorists’ experiences easier and more pleasurable. ... Continue Reading →
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Are Flying Cars Just Around the Corner?

Flying cars are one of the many promises that science-fiction has made that the general public just seems to adore. The idea of flying cars captures the imagination of many and has appeared in many scientific movies, books and television shows. Flying cars may ... Continue Reading →
Google's Self Driving Vehicle Prototype on the road

Self Driving Vehicles Are Coming Soon

Self driving vehicles have been a mere idea that was nothing more than a science fiction fantasy just a couple of decades ago, but has assumed a very real form thanks to Google’s technological push over the last few years. Google, a company which prides itself ... Continue Reading →