print technology history

Interactive Storymap – The History of Print Technology

Today, we got a nice story map that shows the history of print technology chronologically. The story map starts in 618-906 (A.D.) in China where the Chinese people used to print on carved wooden blocks. This era marks the first occurence of printed images. The ... Continue Reading →
old typeface

News from the Printing Industry: What’s Cooking in 2015

It is usually counterproductive to embark on ‘predicting the future’, especially in our world that is rich in computing and internet technologies. Many would say that printing industry needs to ‘re-invent’ itself to survive and engineers and experts are ... Continue Reading →
How Digital Signage Is A Must-Have Solution For All Leading Businesses

How Digital Signage Is A Must-Have Solution For All Leading Businesses

About ten years ago, I worked in the sign-making business. We produced custom and hand-painted signage for a variety of businesses at a relatively high price, and we were always guaranteed to have work because the businesses we produced this content for would always ... Continue Reading →
The photocopier that would be best for you is going to depend on a few factors

Which Toshiba Photocopier Is Right For You?

When it comes to the Toshiba photocopier, there are a few things to consider. Those who are looking for the best results should carefully consider everything that is being offered. The photocopier that would be best for you is going to depend on a few factors; ... Continue Reading →
3d printers become available and affordable for people to use and explorer 3d printing effects

Printing: Impressive Technology with 3D Effect on Screen

Printing was just concerned about typing specific words on a piece of white paper few years ago. But today, printing has various spheres. With the advancement of technology, you can easily get printing in your imaginative world. Science fiction was only in movies ... Continue Reading →
printing technologies for ink and laser printers

Inkjet vs Laser Printer – Which One Should I Buy?

Inkjet printers and laser printers are the two basic choices for general consumers who are shopping for a printer. With Inkjet printers, ink is sprayed onto paper to create a digital image; with laser printers, a laser beam is scanned across photoreceptors to produce ... Continue Reading →
what you will do with your home printer

What Will You Use Your Home Printer For?

When you first think about buying a printer for your home you might wonder how much use you will give it. It is quite right that you consider this point before you part with your money and here are a few ideas which might get you started. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please ... Continue Reading →
streamline your business with printer technology

Let Printer Technology Streamline Your Business Processes

With the speed and diversity of printer technology these days, choosing the right print solution for your business can be an intimidating task. If you are looking to streamline multiple business processes and increase overall efficiency then perhaps you should ... Continue Reading →
Frequently printer maintenance tips for Ink Jet printers and basic cleaning

Basic Cleaning and Ink Jet Printer Maintenance

Ensuring your printer remains a dependable page-spitting machine is surprisingly easy and low-cost. Performing these routine maintenance tasks on your printer will not only ensure top-quality printing, but will help you avoid the need for costly professional repairs ... Continue Reading →
Review for Restaurant Kiosks - A hybrid of quality dining and high technology desktop computers

The Restaurant Kiosk: A Marriage of Quality Dining and High Technology

The automated food displays that were popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s have made a comeback today. However, gone are the cold fluorescent light and the weird space age vacuum sealed food housed in aluminum chambers. Nowadays, diners have been enjoying ... Continue Reading →
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