voip telephone

Useful VoIP Features to Help your Business Grow

VoIP phones have become a great communication tool for lots of businesses facilitating call management and improving business communication in general. Empowered with an array of useful call managing features, business VoIP systems are becoming more and more popular ... Continue Reading →
Your Phone In The Cloud

Get Your Phone In The Cloud

A lot has been written about the superiority of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems over the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), also known by the more amusing name of Plain Old Telephone System (POTS). But even within the world of VoiP ... Continue Reading →
voip ivr systems

What is IVR system: Everything You Need to Know

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR), technology permits callers to directly interact with communication system of a company over a telephone system. It simplifies the process by allowing a caller to enter information to a database and also get information from ... Continue Reading →
Global VOIP Phone Service

How to interrogate your VOIP Phone Service Provider

VoIP has changed the way we communicate both at offices and at homes. It has become more efficient, economical and easier. Just getting and internet connection and subscribing for a VoIP service is not enough if you are using the VoIP service for the first time. ... Continue Reading →
Corporate Communication changes

How Corporate Communication is Changing?

Gone are the days when you had to rely on the PBX system installed at your office to connect calls to various departments – corporate communication has undergone a huge change. VoIP, Cloud Telephony, Hosted PBX, Unified Communications, BYOD, CYOD etc. are the ... Continue Reading →
business cloud cornerstone to success

Cloud Backup – The Cornerstone of Your Business Data

Bigger the company, bigger the cloud backup provisions it requires. So, when it comes to organizational growth, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Big companies and MNCs generate more than trillions of gigabytes of data on a daily basis. Ergo, the need of the ... Continue Reading →
online computer security books

5 Books That Will Make You A Computer Security Guru

Just a brief glance at today’s headlines is enough to show anyone that computer security is more important than ever. Whether it’s a major department store’s credit card database getting hacked, or nude pictures of celebrities finding their way ... Continue Reading →
benefits of international calling cards

Enjoy the benefits of owning International Calling Cards

From driving your car to taking a stroll down the pavement, there is no particular point when you may feel like contacting your family and friends back home in some other country. A majority of individuals who are on a visit to the US and Canada or are on a long-term ... Continue Reading →
VoIP security

Increase in VoIP Threats in 2014 : How to Fight and Protect your network?

Telecom frauds are increasing day by day and have reached its highest level since 2000. According to the reports of Federal Trade Commission, telecom fraud accounted for 34 percent in 2012 and increased by 20 percent from 2010. VoIP and IP related phones are being ... Continue Reading →
structured network cabling

Structured Network Cabling Infrastructure

A structured cabling is system comprises system of cabling and associated hardware. Structured cabling is the basic telecommunication infrastructure. A telecommunication infrastructure serves as medium to offer telephone and data transmission services. It is independent ... Continue Reading →
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