Wearable Technology aspects

Wearables – Benefits and Challenges

The world of technology is full of trends but not all trends come and go. Some persist for a long period of time and one such trend now a day is Wearables. Without going into the technicalities eh simple definition of Wearable is any functional technical device ... Continue Reading →

Gadgets That Will Make Your Holiday Memorable

Technology makes our life easier and more convenient. With the holidays right around the corner, and holiday travel on everyone’s mind, that convenience can make the  difference between uncomfortable travel and a truly memorable holiday for you and your family. VN:F ... Continue Reading →
Wearable Galaxy Note 3 Gear

Wearable Technology: Inviting the Attention of Developers

From computers to smartphones and from smartphones to wearables, technology is continuously making it easy for the end consumers to manage their concerns more efficiently. At the same time, it is also challenging the skills and competencies of developers with a ... Continue Reading →
Samsung's smart wearable watch tech gadget accessory

Samsung Galaxy Gear Wearable Smart Watch

Recently, Samsung has made an announcement of new devices: Galaxy Note 3 and Smart watch wearable accessory. Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch has the ability to take photos and to run number of apps on it. The idea is not new as we all know. Smart watches concept ... Continue Reading →

Top Five Technological Advancements to Look Forward to in 2013

The year 2013 will be an exciting year for tech consumers. There are many new products coming available that will change the way we live our lives and see the world. Developers are trying to promote a more positive environment by reducing the environmental impact ... Continue Reading →

Smart Glasses: Technology of Future

First there were an ordinary phone and desktop computers, than smartphone and tablet technologies replaced them. Today people have become too picky. Even new devices are too heavy, too slow, too outdated for them. They are very lazy to use hand control and have ... Continue Reading →
Google Project Glass

Google’s First Project Glass Prototype Sees the Light

As noteworthy company Research In Motion is struggling with keeping afloat and preventing more people from selling used BlackBerrys for something better by considering split-and-merger options and thereby diminishing its size, another prominent company is looking ... Continue Reading →