wireless router network setup

How to Set up a Wireless Home Network Connection

Wireless networks provide the flexibility and mobility most users seek. Imagine printing documents from your kitchen’s computer to your home office or chatting with online friends while relaxing in bed. Thanks to advancements in in technology, connecting to the ... Continue Reading →
windows has a network application layer that manages different wireless profiles with Windows 7 and Win 8 Wlan guide

Window 8: Changing the Priority of Wireless Networks

In windows 8, the user can’t directly prioritize between different wireless networks or between wireless network and a lane connection. It is because the windows 8, lacks any direst wireless profile manager. This wireless profile manager is present in the windows ... Continue Reading →
how to improve wifi connection and mobile Internet access

How Can I Boost My Wireless Internet Connection Speed?

Speed and modern technology is something that’s intertwined in most people’s minds at present. Whenever modern technology is mentioned, speed – in terms of performance and results – is the first thing that comes to mind. And there’s good reason for that. Improve ... Continue Reading →
mobile devices with wifi or LTE best connection signal tips

How To Improve Wi-Fi Signals

Some people complain that they do not get a very good signal from their wireless router. It is a shame that we cannot simply plug a line into our computers any more, but there are very, very few companies that allow it. Almost all service providers will offer you ... Continue Reading →
Review for smartphones with great wifi capabilities

Smartphones with the Best Wi-Fi Capabilities

With the price of everything, including smartphones, increasing over time, it can be expensive to sign up for a data plan with your wireless phone service. At the same time, many consumers prefer to have one of the great smartphones instead of a standard flip phone ... Continue Reading →
How cell phone amplifiers work

What you need to know about the mobile repeater

One of the few things that people who live in distant areas and those who live in modern concrete jungle have in common is such troubles with cell phone connection as missed and dropped calls, low reception quality and background noises while talking on the cell ... Continue Reading →
How LTE works

How does LTE technology work?

It is just two weeks ago that Apple recently unveiled their new 4G iPhone 5 mobile phone. As expected by most of the users, there were not many major things changed on the look and feel of the device. Whether you should buy the new iPhone 5 or not depends on which ... Continue Reading →

Top Five Technological Advancements to Look Forward to in 2013

The year 2013 will be an exciting year for tech consumers. There are many new products coming available that will change the way we live our lives and see the world. Developers are trying to promote a more positive environment by reducing the environmental impact ... Continue Reading →
Wireless 3G Wifi Modem Huawei i-Mo

What is a wireless modem?

Mobile broadband technology is progressing all the time with ever increasing speeds and new cutting edge hardware to take advantage of those increasing speeds. It wasn’t that long ago the only device available for connecting to a mobile internet connection was ... Continue Reading →

Advantages of Broadband Over LAN

In this current world, the two major ways by which people connect to the internet is mostly via LAN which is “local area networking” and Broadband. One major thing that people do not really know is that as far as these connections are concerned, they are better ... Continue Reading →
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